Monday, February 27, 2012

Man's wear for WGT part 1

Besides my outfit for WGT, my stylish boyfriend also wants to wear a handmade original. And since we have almost 3 months to go and there is absolutely no pressure to finish everything in time o.O, I decided to sew him something. For years he keeps on asking me to sew him a shirt with a very high collar. In fact, he keeps asking me since he saw the Merowinger Knot in Matrix 2:

I started out with the matching jacket. A while ago I ordered some patterns and he seems to have troubles to imagine the finished garment in a different fabric... He is also very sporty (plays Ultimate frisbee and goes to the gym 3-5 times a week) which is why bought jackets rarely fit him. So, it's mockup time! We started out with McCall's M4745, view B (double breasted):

Please ignore the horrible fabric (got it from my mum, but the weight is okay for jackets) and the half jacket-ness.

 The first three pictures show the original pattern in size XL without any changes. While the shoulders are okay (the measurement I chose the size for), the rest is huge. Especially in the waist, BF seems to be more of an M. Same mockup pinned to his measurements:

The sleeve still needs a lot of work. And since the pattern has princess seams in the back, taking out the width would be no fun. Would be as in "BF suddenly realises that the standing collar doesn't allow for the Merowinger Knot and he wants another pattern". So much fun! *roll eyes*


kakuidori said...

wird bestimmt toll aussehen und hey, 3 monate ist wirklich ne gute ecke zeit :-)

für mich fällts wgt leider wirklich flach wegen der neuen stelle... naja nächstes jahr (auch wenns diesmal geil gewesen wär, wgt und bday auf einmal *seufz*...) dies jahr dafür rockharz und mera luna ^^ viel spaß euch beiden!

MindLess said...

Och, das ist schade! Naja, WGT ist ja jedes Jahr wieder...

Bei mir wird es dieses Jahr vermutlich nur noch entweder Amphi oder Blackfield. Ich tendiere zu Blackfield wegen besserer Bands!

kakuidori said...

wobei amphi ne nachtmahr fan invasion anzustehen scheint XD beides leider auch an arbeitswochenenden - bitte um impressionsbilder egal von wo :-D und viel spaß!