Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Day challenge - Day 4

Seven fears/phobias of yours
  1.  I'm afraid of heights. But only between 3 and 70m, so all heights that seriously hurt you but don't kill you. I'm okay if I have solid floor under me and a fixed rail.
  2. I don't like free flying birds. I'm afraid they will land on my head and bite my ears (happened to me when I was a child)...
  3. Skiing. I once saw a friend hitting a tree after loosing control while skiing. She broke her leg and I never skied again.
  4. I can't stand people touching my neck. I'll hit you if you surprise me getting to close to my neck!
  5. Loosing my mind/intelectual capacities. I like being a smartass, thankyouverymuch!
  6. I can't stand cockroaches. I disected them and touched them while in university so I'm not really afraid, but I'm disgusted by their smell.
  7. I can't stand if my feet are not covered by a blanket. In summer I need a blanket for my feet even if the rest of my body is not covered!

1 comment:

kakuidori said...

cute facts :-D

on those birds... they dont just sit down on you and bite your ears but they sh** wherever they are *yuck* imagine wearing your finest black clothes and get hit by it.