Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday cake - Blueberry cake

Happy new year to all my readers!

I'm late (and didn't show the baking results of the last two weeks, I'm sorry) but I did it. Although I'm tired from partying hard last night, I already cooked fresh soup, baked a cake and cleaned the flat this year! All while the boyfriend is still vast asleep - he overestimated his ability to drink and is now... - Indecent? Unwell? Hangover? But the cake is fine and he might also eat a small piece later!

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Neise||a said...

Habt ihr gut gefeiert? Bei mir wars eher gemütlich. Hab zusammen mit ner Freundin lecker gegessen, gute Filme geguckt und ganz dekadent vom Balkon aus dem Feuerwerk zugeguckt.
Kaputt war ich gestern trotzdem *g*