Thursday, January 12, 2012

Burda Style 2/2012

This issue surprised me. I liked a lot of patterns (I could have chosen more than 3, unlike the last issues were I sometimes struggled to find three pretty patterns) and had a hard time to find bad ones. Fortunately, Burda never lets me down! ;)

Surpirsingly, I chose 3 dress patterns for my top three! I instantly fell in love with the asia inspired collection. Despite knowing that Qipao (traditional chinese dresses with the front neck closure) look best on women with smaller chest, I have one on my to sew list... - like forever. So I might buy this issue to try sewing the pattern I liked best!
I also love the idea of a contrast trim used in the bronze pattern, I think this is a very modern take on a traditional pattern.
The only pattern not included in the asia collection is the wrap dress on the right. Also very clean and modern looking, so this will definetly be wearable in the office as well...

As I said before, I struggled finding bad patterns. My third place goes to a skirt that I only find impractical but not particularly ugly. Long wrap skirts tend to split open which is never a good idea in cold winter weather. I'm also not quite happy with the paperbag waistband as they prevent the skirt from being worn under pullovers.
The second worst is a dress from the pregnancy collection. I know pregnant women have a big belly (and they better have, a baby needs space!), but they should never be forced to wear a potato bag like this! In the issue, Burda includes a lot of flattering cuts and comfy jerseys, so please choose an alternative pattern!
The worst pattern in my eyes is this pants pattern. They might be cute lounge pants, but I would not want to be cought dead outside in one of these! Also, the fabric used for this kind of pants is nowhere near wearable outside this season. Maybe Burda mixed up and put a pyjamas pattern from last issue in this one?

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MarySew said...

das asiatische Kleid, das bei dir auf platz 2 ist war auch eins meiner lieblings schnitte. Überhaupt gibt es dieses mal echt viele dinge, die ich nachnähen will :D