Monday, December 17, 2012

Burda Style 1/2013

Burda starts with a rather meh issue into the next year. I had a hard time choosing good as well as bad outfits. All together I was neither happy nor sad, it was just... boring?


Third best is a dress. You can hardly go wrong with a little chiffon dress, but the fabric is a b**ch to cut and sew. I like the plain top and the fluffy bottom, but I would not sew this.
Second best was a comfy looking jersey dress. I like the fabric pattern - punky pink leopard? Yes!- and the dress looks perfect for hanging around at home. But since it has hardly any darts, I doubt that it fits many body types.
The vest in the middle is the only pattern I really liked from this issue. The slight asymmetry, the punky influences and waistline definition - Great pattern!


All together the worst patterns are without any waist definition. Mostly without any definition at all. The third worst pattern is a plain jacket. I don't like the missing collar, although the fabric is somehow interesting. I also like the top stitching.
The second worst pattern is a jacket with some strange chiffon under jacket that I can hardly describe. It looks as if it was two jackets in one! This will look flattering on flat chested women with small hips and might hide a tummy, but will hide any waist. So be careful if this pattern is for you!
The worst pattern is a coat with a huge hanging collar. Again, no waistline forming, no darts to shape the bust... This will only look flattering on very small girls, in a mary-kate and ashley way...

If this is your goal, you just found the perfect pattern!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Week in Review 51/2012


The Internet is really good for PORN... Because I realised I might be a bit to dependent on constant Internet access and should try to take my real life back.

I finished Cody McFadyen's "The Innocent bone". Seriously sick stuff about three people who were tortured by their adoptive father and now have to face their old lives again. Highly recommended read, although not for people with a weak stomach!
Other than that I went to three more Percy Jackson novels by Rick Riordan; "The son of Neptune", "The Tintan's curse" and "Battle of the Labyrinth". Which leaves me only with "The last Olympian" until the story line is over... All are good reads, I'm really happy about such nice teenage book series!

A lot of fancy conference food. But I'm yearning for something more healthy!

Seems like I could do this. It will be hard, but I simply have to.

Not much. But I bought fabric, again... Duh! ^^

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Week in review 50/2012


"Carol of the bells"- Because Nachtkatze is right: This is the best Christmas song!

Now I'm making up for the two last weeks: "Percy Jackson and the lightning thief"  by Rick Riordan. I liked the movie, but the book is even better. It makes some sense where the movie was a bit short. Recommended read! The next book was "I'm not a serial killer" by Dan Wells. A book on a teenage boy who is sociapathic and follows specific rules because he is afraid he might turn into a serial killer. Really good read with some real what the f... moments. Still good, if you are into this stuff! And last but not least the newest Cody McFadyen "Innocent bone". I'm still in the middle of this book, but McFadyen's thrillers are always great!

Belated Birthday cheese cake.

Bye bye Killer, have fun on the rainbow bridge... -.-

More coat. And some shirts.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Halloween quilt - Piecing the design together

After cutting all the squares, I layed out the squares to check in which order they should appear on the quilt. During my quilting research I found that you have to keep an eye on intensity (dark vs bright colours) and even spacing (not put like colours close together). I decided to go with a purple - orange - green scheme, ending again with purple:


Why ending with purple again?Well, although I cut all the fabrics except three (the ones with dots and stripes that do not fit into the rest of the fabrics), I found out during theis test placing that including all the different patterns would make the quilt very long, but - since I only had fat quarters - not wide enough to be in proportion. Now I'm going to add two pillows to not waste the fabric strips. Bummer!

Anyway, after deciding on the order of fabrics, I started sewing. If you look the the layout (in the truest sence of this word! ^^) above, I started at one of the corners and sewed to the other one, always a foot width from the corner:


Now I again had long strips of squares and added them to each other. I always finished the last square of each side with a triangle (a square cut from my black fabric and cut in halve):


Looks pretty good, am I right? But now you might already see one of the problems I faced...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Halloween quilt - cutting and prepping

After re-designing the quilt I had originally planned more square to the zig zag design, I read some stuff about cutting efficiently. I didn't want to waste fabric and had only a limited amount available... There seemed to be two options how to sew zig zag quilts:
  1. Making strips which you sew together, cut into squares and sew together in a zig zag pattern.
  2. Cutting triangles which you piece together to form the zig zag pattern.
The first method is a bit more fabric consuming, but is better for patterned fabrics. You have more seams interrupting the fabric pattern in the second method. Since I really like the fabrics I ordered and wanted to show them off, I cut 11cm wide strips of fabric. As a contrasting fabric between the patterned zig zags I decided to use black (Now who is surprised? ^^):


As the fat quarters were not really useful for this method (next time I would plan better before hands and buy a jelly roll which is precut into strips), I had to piece the strips together. Because of the busy patterns you hardly notice. At least I don't, and I have to like this quilt!

The things I hate most about sewing are (order is random, depends on what I am currently doing of the three):
  • cutting patterns and fabric
  • ironing
  • hand sewing
Unfortunately, quilting involves all of them! Cutting long, boring strips of fabric was okay, but I have in the past payed my Boyfriend in Schnitzel to iron for me. This time he refused, so I ironed quite a bit. I started with sewing the long patterned strips to black strips which thank the gods were long enough:


Then I pressed the seems between the fat quarters open to add less bulk to the blanket.


I also pressed the seams between patterned strips and black strips to the black side (and forgot to take a picture of that. Go figure...). The next step was to cut squares from the two connected strips of fabric:


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Itsy-bitsy spider clock

Our kitchen clock is rather boring. When I recently checked some Halloween tumblrs, I saw the following clock which was modified. And I thought "Well, I can do that, too!"...

 Inspiration from here.

what you will need:
Any clock (I used an IKEA Clock (2 Euro))
Scotch tape
Plastic beetles/spiders
Hot glue gun


I have to say from the beginnig that I used the clock above only for inspiration. My clock was also smaller so I included less spiders. I started by opening the clock - simply by popping the lid of. I used the clear plastic casing as a guide for circle size. Then I made lines for orienation, otherwise the numbers end up at wonky places!


Next step was to draw a spiderweb. I used a ruler for the straight radiant lines and added the web free hand. I did a pen sketch first and used a black liner to make the lines more prominent.


Since I found the numbers a little bit to small (our clock hangs above the door, so small numbers would harden it to read the correct time), I made them a bit bigger and used Edding to make them more bold.


Now you only need to cut a line to the middle and cut a little circle for the clock hands, then insert the new drawing into the clock:


One crucial step is to use invisible tape to close the cut again. Otherwise you will end up with one hand of the clock hidden under the paper and not moving anymore... You can see this here in my first trial version:


Just use a little strip of tape and you are set for the future!


Now add the clear lid again and you are mostly done. I glued on some plastic spiders for the fun of it. I used the hot glue gun with success, but any glue for plastics would work here I guess.


Hang the clock and admire your work!


Monday, December 3, 2012

New Baby ^^

No, it's not what you think! But My sewing machine is really acting up lately: Eating fabric, not doing zig zag stitches, not doing buttonholes... And since it was rather old, I didn't want to invest any more money into a sewing machine which doesn't have all the features I was looking for anyway! So I made a list of things I want/need:
  1. Zig zag stitch
  2. 1step button hole - which means I needed to buy an digital rather than a mechanic sewing machine
  3. Long stitches for tacking, because I don't do this by hand
  4. not more than 500 Euro
And this is what I got:

My new Brother Innov-is 30!

I was actually a bit swooned by the Bernina Bernette 25 as well, which has almost the same features and looks a bit better in my eyes. But I read an independent test on both machines and they mentioned that the Brother makes less noise - which means more late sewing for me!- and better buttonhole performance for the brother. Besides my requirements, this machine offers:
  • automatic needle threading - which I'm sure I won't use much
  • sewing without a pedal - which I don't like but it's optional. Plus it lets the machine do button holes while you drink coffee/tea
  • different speed settings - nice for the boyfriend who sews much slower than me and always had troubles with the pedal
  • a bunch of decorative stitches - which I think I will rarely use, but well, maybe I will?!
By now I can say that I'm very happy! The machine is indeed much quieter than my old one and has beautiful stitching. I already tested 5 decorative stitches (the ones with curves, which show how good stitch placement is)  and 2 buttonholes - all were perfect! And the machine cost 460 Euro (including shipping), which is only 10 Euro more than the Brother Innov-is 20 which has less stitches but the same built. I think I can recommend this machine!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday cake - Cheese cake ^^

I had another sewing date with the wonderful Neisella and brought some cheesecake with chocolate cake underneath! It was great (both cake and sewingwise)!


Friday, November 30, 2012

Week in Review 49/2012


Rage agianst "Satelite"- Just because its a good song!

Again nothing fun. Guess how tough work is right now?

Chili sin carne. My Birthday food!

Sloooooooooowly... Very, very sloooooooooowly...

Still the coat. Grr!

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Fabric balance sheet 11/2012

Can you believe I really made 10 of these posts? Yes, me neither! But  the year is almost over and I participated every month. Kind of gives me a good feeling that I keep a log at hand of how much I bought and how much I sewed. Also, I think that keeping an eye on my stash worked very well. At least it didn't explode, but rather shrunk a bit. Let's what I can do until the end of the year!

  • 3m Halloween fabrics (13 fat quarters)
  • 2m black wool fabric
  • 2m stretchy black spandex
total damage: 7 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2m stretchy pin stripe - fishtail
  • 2.5m black wool - coat
  • 2m thin pink leopard jersey - coat
  • 2m cotton flannel - coat
to the rescue: 8.5m fabric

7m - 8.5m =  1.5m fabric reduced from my stash this month

Unbelievable! I reduced even further! I'll have to say that I had some days off which allowed for more sewing. But on the other hand I had no sewing date this month which usually really help with productivity. I also did more sewing on projects which are not fully finished and can therefor not be included into the statistics...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teal turtleneck shirt

I'm still trying to get rid of the masses of fabric I bought in October and November. This was another quick project were I copied the pattern from an existing and good fitting shirt I bought years ago at H&M. I cut the teal jersey from Oberhausen, made some quick seams with the serger and voilà:

Doing this project I once again realised how much I need a new sewing machine. My current one is nice (an old Singer which sews through 5 layers of denim without complaints), but she grows a bit old now. She doesn't zig zag anymore and repairing the mechanics was estimated to cost at least 150 Euro. I will invest my Christmas Money into a new sewing machine (probably a brother Innov-is30 or Bernina Bernette 25)...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Go party like it's my Birthday!

... we gonna sip Bacardi like it's my Birthday... *sing*

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th Birthday! I had some family over and had a lot of fun playing Decent and eating Chili sin Carne plus some cake and sweets.


And the best of all boyfriends made me a wonderful gift:

I love Lego and was known for stealing all the Lego presents my brother got to build them up for the first time. Deflowering of Lego is something really special, so many a Christmas eve was spent with me building castles and robots with my brother sitting besides me and crying... *oops* Yesterday I built the car together with my boyfriend and had a lot of fun... I hereby apologize to my dear brother and will gift him some Lego for his Birthday to build up on his own!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Week in Review 48/2012


Fettes Brot "Jein"- A song about being torn between two options. Which I kind of am right now...

Nothing. Happens rarely, but I read nothing for fun, only work stuff.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! ^^

Hopefully this next round is more successful!

Still the coat, the quilt and two pillows.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WGT 2013 - 7 sins Gluttony

This year for WGT, I'll do something different. I agreed already this year, that I would participate in a group outfit. On Saturday, we will visit the Natron and Soda Community picknick dressed as the biblical seven sins (or at least our interpretation of this topic).When we talked about this topic, the first thought I had in mind was that a modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette's saying "Let them eat cake!" and her bourgeoisie life style would make a great interpretation of Gluttony. Another thing that instantly came to my mind was cake, especially Black Forrest cake with the traditional gothy colour combination of black, red and white I was actually the first to claim a sin for herself - wow, that makes me sound evil, right? - and here is my first sketch:

You might have noticed by now that I can't draw for the sake of my life. The Robe a la francaise I used to copy from was in the book "Patterns of fashion" by Janet Arnold which is a great resource for historical sewing and heartily recommended! I morphed together several patterns until I liked the style and added some details myself... In the beginning I though about doing a Robe Anglaise without the Watteu plaits in the back, but came back to them after I checked Marie Antoinettes style. Plus, I could always cut them out when I don't like them on me, anyway.
The fabrics will be red and black taffeta, with white satin trim (as seen in the Internet shopping haul) and white lace sleeves. I will use the red diamond buttons as a sort of cherries in the Black Forrest dress. The corset cover will be trimmed with red glittery stones of several sizes for the "cherry filling". On my head I will wear a wig (probably with wire mesh underneath for stability?) with cakes and sweets. Artificial ones, of course! On the other hand, real cakes (from Leysieffer, yummi!) would make the outfit fit the theme even more! ^^

made by the wonderful Steelrose