Thursday, December 15, 2011

NuS white elephant - Gifting away!

When this years announcement of Natron und Soda's white elephant gifting was given, I had a hard time actually thinking up 3 wishes. It seems that I feel more relaxed and less driven for stuff since I grew older...

But I participated and gifted sue a frilly apron:

Flash-y picture; I'm only home when it's dark

Bone button detail

big side pocket with bow applique

medium clear picture of the neck closure - bone buttons and buttonholes

lined in skull fabric (a gift from the lovely marysew)

more goodies in the package - truffles and hand made soaps

and finally the wrapped apron!
She already unwrapped, that's why I show the picutres here... I also recieved a gift package from lyset, but I have resisted ripping it open until now! As soon as I open it - plan is to do this on christmas eve- I will show what i got here...

1 comment:

MarySew said...

oaar, ist die schön geworden <3

und der skull stoff passt wunderbar :D Ich bin sehr neidisch!