Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NuS white elephant - being gifted

Halloween decoration
Since I was lucky, I also recieved a package from the white elephant gift exchange (You are free to only enter wishes or also grant some, therefor you might not recieve anything.). I planned to unwrap on christmas eve, but as you see I failed miserably! ;)

The wonderful Lyset (who lives right around the corner in Bochum ^^) sent me the decoration you can see above. But the main gift was a pincushion to fasten around my wrist! I'm so tired of leaving my needles all over the place - not to speak of my boyfriend who stepped into them several times-, but now I can keep them close by!

She even made interchangeable cushions for my different moods/sewing styles! The sugarskull one was inspired by the makeup I wore for halloween last year, the bat is a design from my favourite sewing page. I'm still not daring to poke needles in the sweet bat...
Thanks soooooooo much, Lyset for your wonderful gift! Everytime I use it, I will think of you and your generousity!

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