Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zombie saturday - Zombie food


Monday, December 26, 2011

Lacy sweat dress

On the day after christmas, my true love gave to me... - one finished project, two used fabrics, three fabric market finds used up and a partridge in a pear tree! *sing*

back without closure - thank god the fabric is stretchy!

I used all of the grey sweatshirt fabric for this dress (pattern is V8413, my first one from vogue). Literally all of it. The coupon was not the normal 1.5x1.5m but rather 1.2x1.5m. So, I was short on fabric, because the dress planned for 1.65m. I cut everything in single layer but found out when I was done cutting: I forgot one sleeve. So I decided to do what every good christian would:

Let's call this extemporaneous, right?
I swore a bit. I thought about using a contrasting fabric for the sleeves. Then I just serged the remaining pieces of fabric together and covered the cut sleeves with the leftovers of the stretchy lace. And as they looked a bit lost - as if someone didn't have enough fabric and improvised, ahem!-, I also covered the collar with said lace.
Noone will ever notice in the finished dress, the lace is covering the additional seams very well... Strike!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Burda style 1/2012

Let's do the time warp again! *sing* Burda let's us travel into the next year altough we still have more than one week to go... And I found the missing underwear section in the Burda issue for January 2012, so all is good now!

No wonder I include a wonderfull selection of 50s inspired underwear/sleepwear in the hitlist, right? The panty on the left represents the whole collection which I would love to sew in future. I think about buying this issue, despite next year only starting in 9 days! Maybe 2012 will be the year of pretty Burdas and not of the end of the world as the Mayas predicted?
Second place goes to a nice an comfy cardigan. If I had this pattern some weeks ago, I would have used one of my knits from fabricmarket for this pattern. Unfortunately, they a both cut and sewn... But I like the ruffly collar. It looks so luxurious!
The best pattern in my eyes is the ballerina wrap cardigan. Although itÄs not the most elaborate pattern, it is right at the heart of fashion right now. I saw some in H&M as well as Zara last week! Also, I would love to have one in dove grey for comfy sitting on the couch and reading...
But of course Burda has to include some saggy non-fashion in this issue as well. The dress on the left looks a bit frankenstein-ed because of lack of fabric. I also think that putting glossy satin in places where most women have trouble zones is a bit annoying. Who would not want to put some emphasize on the slightest curve of belly or the smallest of protruding hips?
Second worst goes to the wonderful unanimated ruffle ont he right. The dress itself could use some shaping, not even plus size women have as many figure problems as this cut may hide. 
And what about the jacket in the middle? You will certainly look as if you have pulled down shoulders, no chest at all and a lot of belly fat - a very flattering look on everyone! If you look attractive in this jacket, you can probably pull of a bag of coals as well...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lace shirt inspired by Neisella

Although it sounds very unlike me, I almost finished of all the fabrics I bought during the last fabric market (if you don't remember: It was 1.5m stretchy lace, 1.5m of jersey with lace print and 1.5m of grey sweatshirt fabric). I'm very proud and have to add that I'm also on the border of finishing the fabric bought on the fabric market before! Seems like I want to end this year with no UFOs...

Anyway, I bought the stretchy lace with one specific thing in mind: Neisella always wears these wonderfull lace tops that arehigh-necked but very revealing. I think they are very sexy and I found my wardrobe seriuosly lacking one. So I made one!

front (I need this bra to make my dressform resemble my figure)

I had no pattern and just winged it. I used the outline of a fitted t-shirt and added the sleeves cut directly from the fabric. It worked fine, the shirt fits very close but not cutting in! ^^

back with keyhole closure
Neisella told me to sew the neck on slightly streched which worked like a charm! The keyhole closure is neccessary to get in and out of the shirt. It is bound in stretchy "bias" binding.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NuS white elephant - being gifted

Halloween decoration
Since I was lucky, I also recieved a package from the white elephant gift exchange (You are free to only enter wishes or also grant some, therefor you might not recieve anything.). I planned to unwrap on christmas eve, but as you see I failed miserably! ;)

The wonderful Lyset (who lives right around the corner in Bochum ^^) sent me the decoration you can see above. But the main gift was a pincushion to fasten around my wrist! I'm so tired of leaving my needles all over the place - not to speak of my boyfriend who stepped into them several times-, but now I can keep them close by!

She even made interchangeable cushions for my different moods/sewing styles! The sugarskull one was inspired by the makeup I wore for halloween last year, the bat is a design from my favourite sewing page. I'm still not daring to poke needles in the sweet bat...
Thanks soooooooo much, Lyset for your wonderful gift! Everytime I use it, I will think of you and your generousity!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

sunday cake - macarones

This week I recieved a belated birthday present from *wollmaus*: A set to prepare macarones and a recipe book! So I tried to make macarones or the first time today:

They might not be as pretty as the ones from real bakers, but they were damn yummi! The flavour was plain vanilla with bitter chocolate ganache. Delicious!

Next time I will put in more colour (I swear I added some red, but the recipe was definetly right about the amount. I thought they might overdo it... My fault!) and try to pipe them more carefully. Also, they did not get flat and dry after the supposed resting time. I will increase it next time.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ugly fabric - funky pants!

After going through my blog I realised I never showed you the results of the ugly fabric swap! Sorry, but I swear it's not because I'm unhappy with the results! I hope you still remeber me unwrapping it?


I made some shorts from the wonderful neon coloured 80's fabric I recieved:

Sexy flash-y front picture

my very first double welt pocket - looks good, right?

clean and simple back

I used a pattern I traced myself from bought H&M shorts. I added the double welt pocket (my first!), handsewed the waistband and searched all my stash for a matching button. A lot of thought and work went into this shorts despite the hideous fabric...^^ And I really wore them out in public:

It was so much fun we already plan a repeat next year! ^^

Thursday, December 15, 2011

NuS white elephant - Gifting away!

When this years announcement of Natron und Soda's white elephant gifting was given, I had a hard time actually thinking up 3 wishes. It seems that I feel more relaxed and less driven for stuff since I grew older...

But I participated and gifted sue a frilly apron:

Flash-y picture; I'm only home when it's dark

Bone button detail

big side pocket with bow applique

medium clear picture of the neck closure - bone buttons and buttonholes

lined in skull fabric (a gift from the lovely marysew)

more goodies in the package - truffles and hand made soaps

and finally the wrapped apron!
She already unwrapped, that's why I show the picutres here... I also recieved a gift package from lyset, but I have resisted ripping it open until now! As soon as I open it - plan is to do this on christmas eve- I will show what i got here...