Friday, November 11, 2011

WGT 2012 - Snake

I dance on frescoed floors.
I wiggle and wave over mosaic monuments -
Coiling, curving, crawling, curling,
Soaring, sliding, shimmering, shining -
Creating power and passion,
Circling the earth with divine visions,
I am the Snake Goddess.
By Jezibel

I had some troubles deciding which animal should be inspiration for the fourth outfit. I was torn between dragon, snake, and  wolf. All of them mystical creatures (or at least involved in many stories), all of them associated with gothic culture. What inspired me to take snake was indeed two corsets:
So my final sketch involves some features of both:

Main details:

  • the corset of course! with rows and rows of little metal skales (I ordered aluminium ones in two sizes)
  • hairdo with snake hairpiece and braids
Inspirational pictures:


    Nachtkatze said...

    wow...darauf bin ich sehr gespannt. Das wird mit Sicherheit absolut genial :)

    Neise||a said...

    Wow! Die Wirbelsäulenschleppe <333

    Ich freu mich auf deine Outfits und bin total gespannt, wie du sie umsetzt.

    Ineja Assets said...

    I was wondering where I might be able to find the black dress with the dragon tail down the back and down the train? I have a dear friend who I showed this picture to and she is frantically trying to find it!!! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

    MindLess said...

    @ Ineja Assets: I have absolutely no idea, I'm sorry! If you ever find out, please tell me...