Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday cake - Bad Karma

Yesterday I had bad cake karma. It started out with muffins. I had a recipe in  book for black and white muffins (chocolate muffins with creamcheese filling) which I wanted to try. While preparing the dough I was really haappy to use some leftovers - flour in a smaller bag, exactly the amount of sugar I needed in the bag, etc. After separating the dough into the tins, I naturally licked the spoon and thought "Hmm, strange fruity taste..." but never thought about it. While backing, the muffins smelled really fruity - that scent reminded me of something - ah yes, my boyfriends protein shake! The smaller bag of flour was not flour but protein shake mix! *head->desk* Now I had a dozen of muffins hard enough to hammer nails in...

I threw them out because the were hard to bite and smelled horribly of fake blueberries

But I wanted cake for sunday and I also wanted to bring cake to my sewing date with Neisella, so I bit the bullet and prepared more cake dough. I still thought to use the black-and-white idea, the cake looked okay-ish (it was taken right from the stove to Neisella, and still warm when I arrived). But the taste was... - dissappointing?! The creamcheese was hard and tasted like rubber. The chocolate dough was edible, but not good. So, I declare this sunday "bad cake karma sunday" and try again next time!

Sorry, I had to take the picture while waiting for my tram. I was in a rush since I didn't plan time to bake two cakes...

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