Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aleppo soap

I bought this set of soaps mid october from here and would like to review a bit on what miracles they work and what poblems may arise. They arrived like this on october 7th:

  With a lot of little gifts I got: Soap with healing earth, soap with damascian rose, hair soap and the original soap with 85% olive oil and 15% bayleaf oil. This soaps are said to clear the skin, help with itching skalp and dandruff and generally to be "the beauty secret of syrian women since centuries". Let's see...

I tried them for a month to be really sure if the results are stable. And what can I say? It works wonders for the skin! I used the original soap every evening to clean my face (it also removes any make up) and put on some hydrating cream. While I experienced some breakouts in the first two days, afterwards my skin felt like a baby's butt! And it still feels like it... I will keep the skin treatment for sure, but I think it will take me at least 8 month to finish the first bar of soap I bought.

The hair shampoo does it's job pretty well. While my hair feels strange right after rinsing - somehow oily and slick when still wet?! - it dries faster and feels good when dry. The only minor issue I have is that I prefer liquid shampoo to dry ones. So I started grating the soap and mixing it with water in a bottle. Works much better than shampoo bars for me, as I always seem to forget/not reach some parts of my head especially on the back of my head. 

So all in all, I can just recommend to try this Aleppo soap. It's cheap and for me it works fine!


Wollmaus said...

Liebes, verrat mir doch bitte noch, WO du die gekauft hast!! Auf diesen Post warte ich nämlich schon eine Weile ^^
Wenn du die Seife in einer Dosierflasche (leere Spüliflasche etc.) mit Wasser mischt, kannst du den Auftrag noch genauer steuern.

MindLess said...

Mist, ich hab vergessen den Link einzubauen... Ich hab's nachgeholt und hier ist er nochmal für dich:

Ich hab eine alte Shampoo-Flasche genommen, allerdings arbeite ich noch am Seife-Wasser-Verhältnis. Das Shampoo verbraucht sich definitiv schneller als die Gesichtsseife, vielleicht ordere ich das nächste Mal gleich die flüssige Version!

Wollmaus said...

Dankeschön! Da gucke ich mich gleich mal um.