Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday cake - unsexy Whities

What is a blogger to do if all pictures fail? If the food never quite looks as yummi as it tastes? Please believe me that this whities (made from an weight watchers recipe which I got on last weeks Meeting of the German obesity society) with lemon taste great. But the title makes me snicker!
I added some creamcheese topping sinde I had good experience with it for the brownies two weeks ago. Delicious!

In other unsexy food news, on friday BF and I prepared fish curry. Also not pretty, but very tasty with zucchini/squash onions and monkfish. Whole bowl gone in 45 minutes, we both took seconds!

Fishcurry with stargazer fish/monkfish

1 comment:

Wollmaus said...

Wieso unsexy? Ich finde, die sehen ziemlich sexy lecker aus.

Stargazer fish (lach) der ist buuuuuunt!