Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Burda style 11/2011

Burda times again! This time I'm actually tempted to buy this issue... Why? Because of the amazing clothes that were designed for Barbara Schöneberger (I honestly can't believe that she designed this herself. Just as much as Jennifer Lopez designs her perfumes... ;) )! See it yourselves:

I love the jacket on the left (only thing in my top three which is not from Miss Schöneberger's collection); nice colour, interesting neck detail and I have this thing for jackets and coats - just in case nobody noticed until now! ^^
But look at these two other beauties: The (P)leather dress is really nice. Great flattering pattern, even if you ate a smitch too much. Nice lines and I love the sleeves, this form looks flattering on almost everyone!
But the best dress is even better! Ruching in the middle to hide a belly, straps wide enough to hide a bra, cut on the right point to show off your assets but not be sassy - For this dress alone I will buy the issue!

Of course there are also hideous patterns. I never liked parkas, even when they were in during the nineties. The might be warm, but you can be warm in style! Just make a nice woolen coat - part cashmere if you like luxuries- and you can have a cozy winter without looking like an army runaway!
I don't get these pants. I know that all fashion bloggers go crazy about chinos and Burda might be really trendy with this pattern, but they only look good when you are really skinny. Otherwise the look like diapers. And tapering the leg always makes your butt look bigger - not a look I prefer!
Another trend I will never sew (except for halloween or mardi gras maybe) is overalls. I like overalls on workers. They protect your normal clothes and look very practical. If I ever see a plumber in this golden lame number I know to take my business elsewhere! The only overall I like looks like this:

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