Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zombie saturday - pro and contra (german songs)

The german band "die Ärzte" seems to have quite an obsession about zombies. They made songs about the pro and cons of being a zombie. While it is right that on the first view, zombies are dangerous and killing people to eat their brains, we all don't know if being a zombie is not the right way to be.

Zombies never have problems with money or their boss yelling at them. They only strive to kill and eat, but as long as there are humans around they will not starve. They seem to live (or be undead) forever and if they loose an arm or leg - who cares? They don't feel pain! Being a zombie might not be that bad after all...

On the other hand, intelectual abilities of zombies are quit low. And speeking is limited to "argh", grunting and the occassional scream for "brains".And you will kill your family and friends for their brains. But they will turn to zombies after being killed and than will live their happy undead lifes together with you. Honestly, I don't know if I would be happy as a zombie, but I will fight the zombie invasion as long as I can!

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