Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zombie saturday 2 - fight

 Today the zombie saturday will deal with fighting zombies. Although we all love zombies (and hopefully respect them as fellow beings after learning that "zombies are people, too" last saturday), we need to kill them to survive in case of a zombie invasion. They want to eat our brains, after all!
Several movies deal with fighting zombies. Of course, the most used trick is seperating the head from the body, either by decapitation or burning it, bringing it to explode or shooting it... One of the funniest parts of watching zombie movies is to see the what different methods the directors come up with!


There are several ways to kill zombies, as you might have noticed from this short clip. Using small, light objects usually is not sufficient, I rather recommend something either sharp or heave (depeding on your throwing abilities). Some often used weapons include swords:


or helicopter rotor blades

Or you can use shooting weapons like arrows

or guns

But remember, always double tap!

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