Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selfmade salt shampoo and peeling mud

Today I experimented a bit in my kitchen with selfmade cosmetics. I love to buy lush stuff ecause of the smell and their effect - nice skin, soft hair... But it gets expensive over time! So when someone on my favourite forum spoke about a website where people posted their approximation or tried recipies for dupes of lush cosmetics, I decided to give it a go!
On the picture above you can see the stuff I needed to replicate the lush stuff loved most by my boyfriend and me. Many of the ingredients will serve for further sessions, I think I bought enough lavender flowers for years to come! It was really easy and took approximately 30 minutes including filling the stuff into glasses. Only thing I'm still lacking is essential oils, so my shampoo smells of nothing yet. Maybe I can borrow some from *wollmaus*?

Recipe for "Shampoo with salt and caipirinha flavor" (B*g by lush)

(100 g Algengel
3 g Kokosöl
1 Spritzer Zitronensaft
mit 104 g Zetesol vermischen, gründlich rühren
mit 208 g grobem Meersalz vermischen
mit reichlich PÖ oder ÄÖ beduften)

100g of algae gel
3g coconut oil
some drops of lemon juice
104g of Zetesol
208g coarse sea salt
and add flavour (essential oils) to your liking
Mix and you are ready to go/ wash your hair!

Recipe for peeling mud (*ngels on b*re skin by lush)

(ca. 6 EL gemahlene Mandeln
3 EL Kaolin

6 tablespoons of ground almonds
3 tablespoons of healing earth
2 tablespoons of lavendel flours
1 tablespoon rose absolue
2 tablespoons of glycerin

Mix and add glycerin if still too dry for peeling. If you use white healing earth, it looks closer to the original, but the effect doesn't change. It just looks more appetizing than my mix...


Niniel-Chan said...

Ohhh, die Seite ist ja grandios O_O

Da muss ich doch direkt auch mal was davon ausprobieren :)

Wollmaus said...

Hihi, angesteckt!
Auf der Seite gibt es auch alle bisher geposteten Rezepte als pdf zum herunterladen.

Hast du das Algengel nach der Anleitung gemacht?

MindLess said...

Ahem, nein, ich habe es fertig gekauft... Das war mir dann doch zu viel Sauerrei und es kostet auch nicht so viel mehr (um die 20-40 cent).

Darf ich mir denn von dir ein paar Tropfen Duft schnorren? Weil das Marrakesch, was du mir geschenkt hast, ist mir auf Dauer doch zu süßlich...