Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burda Style 8/2011

This month issue of Burda Style magazine had a promising 50s topic. Unfortunately, Burda's interpretation of 50s somehow was not living up to my expectations...
I still liked two of the dresses from this topic best. Third place goes to the nice purple number on the left. Although it seems kind of autumn-y with it's long sleeves, I really adore the standing collar. Nevertheless I think that I will not need a pattern to reproduce this style.
The skirt on the right has some nice rushing in front. I like it although it reminds me of something... Maybe this skirt from the 07/2010 issue of BurdaStyle?
The dress I liked best is also from the 50s topic. I like that the dresses from this topic are not as low cut as the general Burda dress. They might even be work appropriate, who knows? Especially the collar pleats drawn me to this dress. 50s inspired, but wit a modern interpretation. I like!


This month's worst include two jackets and one pair of pants. Third worst is a kind of comfy looking cardigan. While I liked the style which was popular two years ago with this long and ruffly fronts, this style cut of the floaty ruffles and turned them into less flattering hanging parts. They might hide a large chest, but Ithink the style will flatter only very few women.
The pants on the right look very 70s. That's the best I can say about them. Why would one put bell bottoms on leggins?
The worst item from this issue is the jacket/vest in the middle. A long vest for warmth, but then they forgot the sleeves? A trenchcoat for summer? A raincoat for small showers? I don't get it!

Guess what the pants on second worst remind me of? Frisian horses!


MarySew said...

Oh gott, ja, die Hosen sind wirklich schrecklich, das hab ich auch gedacht.

Neise||a said...

Die Hose geht echt gar nicht! Aber allgemein haut mich die Ausgabe nicht so vom Hocker.
Gut dass ich n Abo hab -.-