Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selfmade salt shampoo and peeling mud

Today I experimented a bit in my kitchen with selfmade cosmetics. I love to buy lush stuff ecause of the smell and their effect - nice skin, soft hair... But it gets expensive over time! So when someone on my favourite forum spoke about a website where people posted their approximation or tried recipies for dupes of lush cosmetics, I decided to give it a go!
On the picture above you can see the stuff I needed to replicate the lush stuff loved most by my boyfriend and me. Many of the ingredients will serve for further sessions, I think I bought enough lavender flowers for years to come! It was really easy and took approximately 30 minutes including filling the stuff into glasses. Only thing I'm still lacking is essential oils, so my shampoo smells of nothing yet. Maybe I can borrow some from *wollmaus*?

Recipe for "Shampoo with salt and caipirinha flavor" (B*g by lush)

(100 g Algengel
3 g Kokosöl
1 Spritzer Zitronensaft
mit 104 g Zetesol vermischen, gründlich rühren
mit 208 g grobem Meersalz vermischen
mit reichlich PÖ oder ÄÖ beduften)

100g of algae gel
3g coconut oil
some drops of lemon juice
104g of Zetesol
208g coarse sea salt
and add flavour (essential oils) to your liking
Mix and you are ready to go/ wash your hair!

Recipe for peeling mud (*ngels on b*re skin by lush)

(ca. 6 EL gemahlene Mandeln
3 EL Kaolin

6 tablespoons of ground almonds
3 tablespoons of healing earth
2 tablespoons of lavendel flours
1 tablespoon rose absolue
2 tablespoons of glycerin

Mix and add glycerin if still too dry for peeling. If you use white healing earth, it looks closer to the original, but the effect doesn't change. It just looks more appetizing than my mix...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday cake - russian cheesecake

Another sunday, another cake! Today I present you an adaptation of my favourite cake ever - cheesecake! Ever since being a little child, I loved cheesecake. I wished for cheesecake for my birthdays, on special occassions and while I admit I tried several versions like New York cheesecake or cheesecake with fruits, in the end I always returned to my mum's recipe! To this day I get a cheese for every birthday, delivered by my lovely mum...

Why do I call this russian cheesecake? There is this variation of cheesecake with a chocolate bedding and chocolate crumble on top. I added cocoa to my mum's cheesecake and now have this delicious cake:


I also made some test minicakes as I will brig the big cheesecake to work tomorrow... 

artistic shot in mainy black and white

chocolate basis, cheese topping

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zombie saturday - Romero's movies 1

Since "Dawn of the dead" was on TV yesterday (I watched it, boyfriend went to bed about halfway through), I thought I can tease the -two or three- people who have not yet seen George A. Romero's zombie series into watching it! The series starts with "Dawn of the dead" where normal humans have the first encounters with the undead. It takes about two thirds of the movie until they learn that bites transmit the disease and the have to watch/kill people with bites or skratches from zombies... How to kill zombies is explained in the first 20 minutes. Seems like trigger happy americans rather shoot someone in the head than research why bites leave black marks on your skin... The first part of the series includes shooting bingo of VIP dupes, an undead baby and a fully amed bully - check this trailer:

"Day of the dead", the second part of the series playes after the first part and people start arranging themselves with the zombies. The military gets interested in the undead as seemingly never tyring and immortal warriors without pain. They attempt to "tame" the zombies and tale away their hunger for human flesh. Let's just say that this is only partly successful! ;) This time, the movie is darke and has less funny scenes...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Purrrrrfect dress

Even more stash busting today! The fabric used for this dress was not as old as the pinky striped one I used for the dress on friday. In fact, I posted it when I bought it 3/2010, which makes it about 1.5 years from buying to using... I'm improving! ^^

dress front - rather palin but with long sleeves

The pattern I used was taken from a dress I bought from Primark last year. It has a Peter Pan collar which I omitted for this dress - the very busy pattern would have made it less obvious anyway. I kept the keyhole in the back, because I like this feature on an otherwise very simple dress. The sleeves are longer than usual to keep them bunching at the wrists. If they get to annoying I can still shorten them!

dress back with keyhole

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday cake - plum cake

Sorry that I'm late with posting, but I spent my weekend with my mum unpacking her boxes from the move. In addition to building furniture, sorting through stuff she thought belongs to me and unpacking, I also cooked. And baked a cake from the beautiful plums she was given by a friend! Of course, in a newly inhabited flat you don't have all the supplies, so I had to improvise...

Plum cake with yeast

400g all purpose flour
1 package of dried yeast
120g sugar
1 egg
3 tablespoons of pumpkin seed oil
500-700g of plums

Mix all ingredients and let the dough rest for 1 hour in a warm place, covered with a wet towel or a lid. In the meantime cut the plums in halves and remove the stone. Afterwards, put the dough in a cake form or spread it on a backing sheet (cake form means thicker dough, sheet requires more plums for covering ;) ). Bale for ~50 minutes at 180°C.

And add whipped cream for serving! This step is absolutely neccessary! ^^

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pink and sporty

looks a bit like a nighty...

I'm in a sewing rush! The pullover dress I present you today was made from fabric I had in my stash for approximately 3-4 years, so I did some stash reduction as well. When I bought the fabric I had great plans, but today I dont remember them any more. It seems like my taste changed to a more calm and sophisticated style... But I will wear this dress for my hip hop class I started this week. And maybe for hanging around my place on weekends!

kangaroo bag - needed for keys and small bits and bobbins

Most of the seams were done by my overlock, so the whole thing (including cutting) took approximately 2.5 hours. I used the stripes a little bit creatively, all bindings were done  vertically while the main body and the sleeves are cut horizontally. Thank goodness for 2 way stretch!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nato ruffle

Not the most flattering pictures of myself, but that's what you get after a long day of work! I wonder how all those amazing bloggers/sewists always post pretty pictures of themselves? Probably better cameras, but they seem to have nicer backgrounds and more time during daylight...

elastics in side seam = ruffles

But nevertheless, I sewed something! Yay! And it is finished, unlike the lot of half finished clothes that currently reside on my dressform... I used a pattern from one of the earliest Burda Easy fashion issues for an very easy jersey dress. I was still to lazy to make bands from jersey (annoying because you can hardly turn them) and used elastic ruffle lace to bind the neck instead. I also added some elastic to the side seems. I'm not sure whether I like this or will cut it of again... Any opinions?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday cake - raspberry walnut muffins

Sorry that I'm a day late, but I decided spontanously to join the Natron und Soda CT in Dortmund yesterday. I had to prepare the muffins on short notice and even took  shower while they were in the oven. They are a bit burned (not my prettiest muffins I ever made, unfortunately) but the taste is great!

It's waht inside what counts, no?

From the inside you can see the true colours of the raspberries again. I simply added frozen raspberries and chopped walnuts (my boyfriend spent the whole morning cracking open walnuts for me), about a cup each, to my normal muffin batter. I recommend less than 25 minutes backing time though!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ugly fabric- ugly project?

Do you remember my post about the Natron and Soda meeting with the ugly fabric potluck? No? Possibly thats because I somehow forget to post about it? *oops*

We gathered in Dortmund and each brought 1meter of an ugly and -for us- unusable fabric wrapped in paper with us. This is what we redistributed...


The fabric I "won" and which has to be made into a garment, was this marvelous beauty:

Very classy 90s children fabric which has to be turned into a garment (visibly, not as a lining!). And I have to wear it in public. Great. I had an idea what to do with it already on the way back home, but only got to work on it today... As I want to surprise my fellow seamstresses, I will only show some sneek peaks here:

When we met again and I wore my creation in public (possibly with sunglasses or a trenchcoat covering it?), I promise to show some pictures here. But please don't laugh!

Zombie saturday - pro and contra (german songs)

The german band "die Ärzte" seems to have quite an obsession about zombies. They made songs about the pro and cons of being a zombie. While it is right that on the first view, zombies are dangerous and killing people to eat their brains, we all don't know if being a zombie is not the right way to be.

Zombies never have problems with money or their boss yelling at them. They only strive to kill and eat, but as long as there are humans around they will not starve. They seem to live (or be undead) forever and if they loose an arm or leg - who cares? They don't feel pain! Being a zombie might not be that bad after all...

On the other hand, intelectual abilities of zombies are quit low. And speeking is limited to "argh", grunting and the occassional scream for "brains".And you will kill your family and friends for their brains. But they will turn to zombies after being killed and than will live their happy undead lifes together with you. Honestly, I don't know if I would be happy as a zombie, but I will fight the zombie invasion as long as I can!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earring show room

I do own a lot of earrings - kind of surprising since I only had my earlobes pierced in 2007. I buy them as souvenirs, for example when I visited Ireland and Scotland I brought shamrocks, thistles and claddaghs. I brought some home from Munich, from Berlin... - it seems that I buy them by the dozen!
But somehow I seem to forget them. I ususally wear the same pair of practical and short earrings everyday. I even sleep in them! So most of my pretties seldom see daylight, which is a petty...

Therefore I made the cheapest and easiest way of a earring garage after Natron und Soda. I just took a random strip of leftover fabric and used tesa to glue it to the frame of my mirror. This was jst a test if displaying my earrings would help me to get more divers in my choices. See?

And what can I say? It totally worked! Now I'm looking for a nice frame I can cover with fabric suitable for my room...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burda Style 8/2011

This month issue of Burda Style magazine had a promising 50s topic. Unfortunately, Burda's interpretation of 50s somehow was not living up to my expectations...
I still liked two of the dresses from this topic best. Third place goes to the nice purple number on the left. Although it seems kind of autumn-y with it's long sleeves, I really adore the standing collar. Nevertheless I think that I will not need a pattern to reproduce this style.
The skirt on the right has some nice rushing in front. I like it although it reminds me of something... Maybe this skirt from the 07/2010 issue of BurdaStyle?
The dress I liked best is also from the 50s topic. I like that the dresses from this topic are not as low cut as the general Burda dress. They might even be work appropriate, who knows? Especially the collar pleats drawn me to this dress. 50s inspired, but wit a modern interpretation. I like!


This month's worst include two jackets and one pair of pants. Third worst is a kind of comfy looking cardigan. While I liked the style which was popular two years ago with this long and ruffly fronts, this style cut of the floaty ruffles and turned them into less flattering hanging parts. They might hide a large chest, but Ithink the style will flatter only very few women.
The pants on the right look very 70s. That's the best I can say about them. Why would one put bell bottoms on leggins?
The worst item from this issue is the jacket/vest in the middle. A long vest for warmth, but then they forgot the sleeves? A trenchcoat for summer? A raincoat for small showers? I don't get it!

Guess what the pants on second worst remind me of? Frisian horses!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday cake - blueberry and chocolate muffins

Today I did a batch of muffins, again using my standard muffin recipe I posted here. Half of them are with one cup of chocolate chucks (I used some leftover real chocolate from Lindt which I chopped):

Chocolate muffins

The other half was blueberry muffins, as I found out today that my boyfriend does indeed eat some cakes without lemon. I simply added 1 cup of fresh blueberries to half of the batter:

blueberry yummieness

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zombie saturday 2 - fight

 Today the zombie saturday will deal with fighting zombies. Although we all love zombies (and hopefully respect them as fellow beings after learning that "zombies are people, too" last saturday), we need to kill them to survive in case of a zombie invasion. They want to eat our brains, after all!
Several movies deal with fighting zombies. Of course, the most used trick is seperating the head from the body, either by decapitation or burning it, bringing it to explode or shooting it... One of the funniest parts of watching zombie movies is to see the what different methods the directors come up with!


There are several ways to kill zombies, as you might have noticed from this short clip. Using small, light objects usually is not sufficient, I rather recommend something either sharp or heave (depeding on your throwing abilities). Some often used weapons include swords:


or helicopter rotor blades

Or you can use shooting weapons like arrows

or guns

But remember, always double tap!