Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping spree

As soon as my monthly money entered my bank account, Dawanda started a sale in honour to the female football league! I really don't care about football (no matter which gender plays it! ^^), but can hardly pass any opportunity for a good sale... So I went to the shops of to ladies whose work I only admired from afar and bought:
The bag on the right from MarySew, because I love cake and candy! There is even some ice cream pops incorporated into the moving "clutter bag"! *LOVE*

And this hat by the lovely Niniel-Chan! I had the honour to visit her two weeks ago and we had a lot of fun sewing and making chocolate fondue...

1 comment:

MarySew said...

ach du hast die tasche gekauft <3 <3 Vielen Dank, ich hoffe, du hast viel spass damit!

Habe das Päckchen heute morgen in die Packstation gelegt, sollte morgen bei dir sein ;)