Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pirate pants

Unfortunately, non of my pics from Amphi show my nice pirate pants! I sewed them before WGT to match the steampunk outfit if the weather would be too cold for bloomers (weather around white monday seems unpredictable every year - I have seen snow, heatwaves and storm!). So now I present you some rather ugly pics (it was raining all day, so no chance for better light):

back side
front - you see the cargo pants? I often heard they start hitting you when filled with stuff. Mine don't, I guess the key is keeping the pants close enough to the leg...

back pockets closet - those are pouch pockets which can contain a lot of stuff!

The flaps are lined in the same fabric as the steampunk jacket

leg closure
Fabrics were the same as for the jacket, I have none of these fabrcis left. But I think I used them for a good cause! *wollmaus* might recognise the buttons, she gave them to me as a birthday present years ago... Thanks! ^^

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Trisha said...

ich mag die details an den knöpfen! die ganze hose ist toll geworden