Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amphi 2011 - sunday

On sunday I wore a mixup of my steampunk outfit and pirate style - arrrrh! ;)

Me and Trisha <3
  I met Trisha again at the cyberloxx booth. She's so nice and asked me for pictures for her blog... I have to send her an customer appreciation picture wih her bag. I carry it around all the time!
  I was interviewed by a radio station in from Nürnberg. I din't wan't to hear all the gibberish I said... They even asked for worst dressed on the festival!
incognito glasses - amazingly comfortable!
  Again, I met some fellow NuS girls (and Mandibel, the only male forum member on the festival!) and had a lot of fun. Especially dancing with weißerregenbogen at Feindflug!

  And I met the most adored Nachtkatze who sews amazing costumes, dresses and skirts. She has a store in Siegburg which I have to visit for a hoop skirt fitting! I'm so excited!
Nachtkatze fanpic - I have to visit her shop soon

Music was nice - I heard some das ich and covenant in the background and danced through the whole Feindflug concert. But this festival was mostly about meeting friends and enjoying life in general than all about music...


Frau Fledermaus said...

Meine Rache bekomme ich schon noch >_<
Ich find das nicht so schön... wäre mir lieb wenn du gar keins nimmst statt dem hier..

Niniel-Chan said...

Schade, dass wir uns nicht mehr gesehen haben D:

Aber wenn du die Nachtkatze besuchst kannst du ja auch gleich in Bonn vorbei schauen, ist ja ums Eck ;)