Monday, June 20, 2011

WGT 2011 outfits

Since I'm a really bad fashion blogger and tend to forget that one can use a camera on festivals as wel, I only have pictures of two outfits - the ones I wore to the victorian picknick and our Natron and Soda CT. Less fuss, more pics:

Friday was the VicPic, and I'm not sure whether I will attend it next time as well. I liked the people I met there, but the amount of photographers running around and disturbing every interaction with other people was a bit too much in my eyes. But the dresses were amazing and I met some people I knew (my boyfriend left soon after bringing me there, he was not interested in fancy dressing ^^).

I wore the tornure - sadly without the wired underskirt, which was not finished on time- with a hat my mum gave me as a present two days before WGT. I also had some fake hair on my head which you can't see in the pics although I curled them myself and was pretty pleased with the result...

Me with Niniel Chan and an unknown bystander - I told you about photographers always getting in the way?!

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Sitting drapey might be my new hobby, but I have to find a way to stear people of my skirts. Electfo fence? Barbed wire?

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Detail shot of the trim. I'm still in love!
 On Saturday I attended the big CT of my favourite forum. This time my boyfriend was with me all the time and had a s much fun as I had. He talked to Niniel Chan's husband a lot and even discussed computing issues with RedRed, who still is not nice. While I stick out from this picture:
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The only shot where one can see my outfit is this one:
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Yes, I wore mainly white. And the best part of my outfit was the jacket, which I unfortunately left at the hotel after our shopping spree in the AGRA. I promise to post a picture after my pilates course today!
I sewed the short from white PVC, the jacket from pink PVC and cut a pink tight into holes. Not the most selfmade outfit, but due to PVC sewing it cost my more nerves than the tornure stuff. *sigh*

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