Friday, June 17, 2011

WGT 2011 - KrankHaft

Label and pin
As I said, I spent most of my money on designers that are new to the industry, work hard in the job and sell small runs of specific clothes. A new label I encountered on the WGT first was KrankHaft, which is a label founded during the bachelor thesis of Julia and Lisa. While there will be online sales over the linked site, their booth at WGT was the first selling opportunity for this new label. I instantly fell in love with their designs, but as my money is not endless, I decided to buy at least one piece. I bought the jersey dress with a bleached and painted skull you can see here...
shows the brightness of the colours, but the dress really is black
Better picture of the skull

It is assymetric, hits at best mini length and due to the bleaching is really a one of a kind dress that I will probably not see on every girl at a party. The dress was 60 Euros and I think is really worth what I paid.

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sorrowsplea said...

Der Stand war echt toll,hab auch lange davor gestanden und die Stücke bewundert!
Das Kleid ist super <3!