Monday, June 27, 2011

Sportswear - never mind the colours ^^

 Yes, I will wear this outside where people can see me. I don't remember where and when I bought this fabric, but although the colours are not very "me" the quality of this jersey is great. So I decided to make something of it and reduce the amount of fabrics I own.  The top was sewn after a commercial pattern - McCall's 4261 - both pants are variations of some shorts I bought at H&M last year. I will wear the shorts for running and the half length pants for Zumba. The only course I do were the more colours are the better!


Wollmaus said...

Geil, geil, geil, geil!!!!!


Ich will auch ne Zumba-Hose nähen....beschreibst du mir mal, wie ich die Beine eines vorhandenen Shorts-Schnitts verlängern muss?

Frau Fledermaus said...

Beim Zumba tanze ich auch gruftig schwarz :D