Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burda Style 7/2011

This month's issue has some really nice patterns that I have not seen in Burda before - which was not the case for the last few issues. I think that it is neccessary to invent new patterns and not show the same safari/hippie/bridal/underwear stuff that was already published again and again... I always read on US blogs how people think that Burda patterns are highly inventive with current details, but I wonder how to find them when I already know that may means bridal dresses, and june means safari collection. On with the actual pattern discussion:

As I said, I some some new stuff in this issue! The dress on third place was not one of them. it is a bit saggy and I think I saw the slit in front thing already this year, but done in the right fabric it surely looks great (just check out the pubple satin used for the model with a longer slit in front)!
The patterns winning second place also look fairly traditional, but the high waist and the loose form in masculine style appeal to me. Maybe I should put this on my neverending to-sew-list.
What I like best is the grey drapey jersey dress in the middle. The sleeves remind me of the galaxy dress and the drapes seem flattering and pretty. I will definetly try to come up with something like this in future! The jersey helps to dress it down, so thins would - with appropriate length- also be suitable for my work.

On the bad side there is a whole collection involving sequins in this issue. This jacket represents some tops and a dress. While this might be nice to wear on a techno party in Ibiza, the jacket combines frumpy and glittery in the worst of all ways...
I also dislike the dress on the right. Over size S this will look horribly like droopy chest with large muffin top. Very flattering on no one except Barbie!
And what would Hippie-July be without pants that look like yoga wear? I like jersey waistbands because they are comfortable, but in combination with carrot legs in thin fabric, this screams "hippie take a shower!" to me. Sorry Burda!

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