Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Burda Style 6/2011

Oh Burda, how do you test my self restraint with your pretty sneak previews for next month's issue with Brigitte Bardot and 60s style? And how is my glorious imagination always better than the patterns you actually deliver? I had high hopes, but I only like - not love- one of the patterns from this series! I have to admit, this pattern is my favourite of the whole issue, but the rest dissapointed with bras that hold not more than a young B cup, baggy shirts and kimono sleeves! *sigh* Only the dress with the heart shaped neckline is nice and might be added to my to sew list. 
Otherwise I liked the tunic and the wrap dress from the designer's pattern although they both have necklines even lower than Burda necklines in general. In summer I prefer to wear as few layers as possible, but a tank top underneath this is neccessary!

The uglies are mostly Burda's beloved sack fashion. Although the worst pattern is from the plus size selection, the width is the same as for the coral shirt on the left. I don't like shirts without a collar, so even an okay fit would not rescue the pattern for me. 
And what about those pants? Why use a dressy fabric and then use elastics instead of a real trouser's waistband? Do you really plan to eat that much?

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