Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dark shopping in Essen - additional information to Leostore

Since I wrote about the Leostore here in Essen the last time (which was in november, time runs fast!), the opened some additional rooms in the cellar. These rooms include a headshop - really neccessary for all goths out there *eyeroll*- and a cyber area.

The cyber area covers two more rooms with additional dressing rooms, a cyberesque decoration with tubes and balck lights. They sell cyberdog, amok,  sektor 1 and other clubwear there for normal prices (neither cheap nor extremely expensive). While the guys there were really helpful and did their best to fit me into some cyberdog shirts, the shirt I ordered was not even been ordered by them until now.

I fell in love with the cyber blossom shirt and needed a size they had not available. The told me they will order it and call me when it arrives. That was some 4 weeks ago and last time I asked - which was last wednesday- they had not sent the order to cyberdog! They also said the "are not sure when they will re-order, as they collect a certain amount of pre-orders before". I think I will be faster ordering said shirt myself from cyberdog.co.uk...

So while I would like to add another point for decoration and space, I have to reduce a point for friendly but rather useless staff. Same points as before! 

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