Monday, May 30, 2011

Captain, my captain

I still work on the WGT stuff, but focused on the steampunk outfit. Do you also have the problem that you start hating projects when you work on them for too long? I think I'm just a bit tired of the green fabric, but I was very short tempered when sewing the bustle yesterday. So I started with the bolero/jacket for captian octopus:

Please don't mind the sports bra! Front closure has hooks and eyes...      

I had to brighten this pic, otherwise you couldn't see the puffy sleeve details

Lining in grey with pinstripes and I still have to do the collar properly

Best part of the jacket/bolero: The handpainted octopus on the back!
Unfortunately the hem stretched quite a bit - I wanted to coordinate with the pants which have to be done in elastic fabric, so I went for stretchy jeans in black. Hemming widened the lower part for about 10cm total. I'm still indecisive wheter to open up all seems properly or just sewing unprofessional darts... *sigh*


Neise||a said...

Wow! Der tentakelige Freund auf dem Rücken sieht super aus!

Die Nähte nochmal aufzutrennen ist natürlich fies... aber wenn dus machst, freust du dich bestimmt viel mehr über das fertige Jäckchen :)

Wollmaus said...

Wahnsinn, ich liebe den Bolero! Suuuperschön, der Okto!
Ich bin auch für nochmal auftrennen, Abnäher würde man nicht nur sehen, sondern würden auch den Saum knubbeln.

Bügel doch Saumband ein, dann dürfte sich nichts mehr weiten.

MarySew said...

oh wow, die ist ja super schön geworden!! <3