Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Burda Style 5/2011

Well, I might be late but I wanted to get this review done before next month's issue comes out! Here we go:

The pretties! Surprise, surprise: more dresses and a jacket. It may be because of my huge pants fitting issues with Burda, but I mostly feel drawn to their dresses. And a jacket or coat can brighten up your daily wear so much, it is unbelievable! Third place goes to a jersey dress. I think the ruching flatters many figures and the shrug helps people with floppy arms, so I might sew something inspired by this! Second place goes to this cute little jacket. I already saw that this was the favourite of most people in my favourite internet sewing platform, but I have to admit I'm not a fan of the hook-and-eye closure. These tend to open up or get entangled with delicate fabrics...
So the best pattern from the april issue is the little shift dress. I like the colar and can see this for work as well as play (in a nice jewel coloured satin, for example)!

In the dark side of this Burda issue I see frumpy dresses, a jeans shirt and a skirt that puts more than emphasize on the hips. Am I the only one who feels disturbed by a dress with a top inlay? Which probably hangs below your normal bustline like almost every Burda dress does? Not very flattering!
BTW, the nineties called and want their jeans shirts back! I didn't like them the first time around and still think that they might a good fashion for cowboys and truckers. But not for the targeted audience of Burda!
And what about this skirt? looks loosely inspired by Marie Antoinette but not in a good way. Yeas, I like pockets in my skirts, but these are so over the top!

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