Thursday, May 19, 2011


Besides the tornure, I realised that I might also get started on the other WGT outfits. For the steampunky outfit (although I found out that due to my colorway it might be more dieselpunk than steampunk) I was inspired by fräulein mieze and wanted to recreate her striping technique. For this I needed:

Scissors, tape (waterproof), a bowl with water, fabric paint (I used Anthrazit), a paintbrush and an ironing board to fixate the colours for washing. Then I

Cut the fabric and layed in falt on an area covered with trashbags (seeping colour stains the wooden floor, I found out the hard way... *blush*). I just made up some bloomers pattern, but you can find a lot of patterns on the internet...

Next step was to tape the stripes. In the beginning I actually measured the width, but years of sewing helped me with guesstimating after the initial 5 minutes...

Don't mind the foot, I always work in Tailor seat...

Then I added a blob of colour to the lower end of the stripe. I always did 3-4 stripes at the same time. After spreading the colour a little with the application brush (small to get inside the paint pot), I started to brush the colour to the top with a wide, wet brush:

And repeat, repeat, repeat until satisfied with the result! After drying for 12 hours, I ironed the fabric according to the instructions on the paint and viola

The last step was to sew the bloomers, apply elastics and here is the finished result:


Anonymous said...


du sagtest gestern, dass du Zombies magst? Kuck mal hier:


Hey du :)

endlich mal ein Tutorial zum Streifen Färben gefunden!!! :D

Kannst du mir mal sagen welche Farben du da benutzt hast, also Marke/Hersteller?

Würde gerne soetwas hier färben:

danke schonmal :D

MindLess said...

Die Farbe ist von Javana Textil, die Metallic effect Farbe in Anthrazit. Wenn du dunkle SToffe übermalen willst, nimm entweder Metallic Töne oder achte darauf, dass die Farben opak sind!