Saturday, April 16, 2011

Burda Style 4/2011

This month I like a mix between classic sleek lines and ruffly, girly stuff. The turtleneck shirt I like third best has a very clean pattern without many details. I really think that this will work perfectly in a business environment! Second best goes to the very ruffly wrap dress in an awful flower pattern which reminds me of Laura Ashley (anyone remembers this trend during the 80s/90s?).
I like the yellow dress in the middle best from this issue. I like the neckline and think that - in a different fabric of course- it would look good dressed up and down. I can see this in silk for a bridesmaid or in thin wool on a meeting.

I still don't know what Burda has going on with the "frumpy" trend. The dress on the worst list has overcut shoulders which only look good on wide shoulders with small breasts. A very specific clientel, and most probably not the targeted (housewife in her 40s) Burda audience. The jacket on the right fits their taste better, but I never liked parker style. Even in the 90s when grunge was hip I could not stand these jackets. Even worse were the lumberjack shirts, preferably in red and black... Yuck!
But worst is this amazing macramee vest. Honestly, no words for this... If you make it and wear it in public, you are a braver woman than me!

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