Thursday, February 10, 2011

9 out of 30

Cardgan: H&M, Tights: Primark, skirt: trhrifted, boots: thrifted, earings: New Look, ring: gift from my aunt

Currently, one of my papers sits at my boss's desk for her to read. I'm writing on two more, one of them due as fast as I can make it, the other one needs some more practical work. I have one presentation every month now about my work, so I think I'm making myself a name of the scientific community! If it is "publish or perish", publish I will!

My work is kind of stressy with traveling a lot, and learning new stuff all the time. In addition to the papers I write, I have labwork to do, paper presentations for the journal club we have every week with our boss and the boss's boss and a lot of smaller side projects that do not take less time or work but never give the same laurels for us PhD students. Nevertheless it helps getting a foot in the scientific community which will be usefull once I seek a Postdoc position or a real job. I know I have two more years to go, but it's never to early to network!

Carwise, we are still calculating... Hope for the best!

Bonus twirl pic:


Brittney said...

what a beautifully lacy skirt! love it with blue tights.
-brittney (fellow remixer)

Jen HaHA said...

The bonus twirl is too cute and fun! That's a great shade of red. Raspberry?
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