Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 out of 30

While this is not included in my "30 for 30" outfits, many people on the street commented on the scarf I wear. SO I thought that I should show what I wear outside over the fancy stuff you always see... The scarf is not mine but borrowed from my boyfriend. Seems like models really are fashion fearless!

Pullover & tights:Primark, skirt & boots: thrifted, kitty bow blouse: H&M, haircombs: somewhere cheap, sewing machine earrings: selfmade

Today my clothes were rather boring, but this is always needed on fridays. We have our "end of the week meeting" with the boss's boss every friday, so I need to be dressed properly! Unfortunately, the skirt is to long to show of the fancy tights I wore underneath. I really like the see through lines...

My Makeup was also rather simple: Black eyeliner. I added the sewing machine earings so I don't feel bored to death by myself.

The lovely Neisella gave my another blog award:

The rules are that I have to tell you sevwn things about me:

  1. I still love my monster gerbils, although they tend to destroy every furniture we put into their cage!
  2. Ive drawn a penis on my boyfriend's cheek last week in best deocrate-the-drunk-manner. To my defense: He started it! ^^
  3. I love chocolate, but prefer the darkest of dark ones.
  4. I'm not the best housewife in the world. I don't like to clean or iron. I only like to sew and cook/bake, because you get nice results in a short time.
  5. Most of the things I sew take months to finish although they just hang around for most of the time.When I can't overcome a sewing obstacle, I put them aside frustratedly and can only return to finish them after a certain cooling of period.
  6. I always iron on the interfacing wrongly on at least one part of the pattern.
  7. I stash more fabric than I have clothes. At least in weight! ^^

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archives said...

that scarf IS great! love the colors :)