Saturday, February 26, 2011

25 out of 30

Trousers: Esprit, longsleeve & pullover: Primark, belt: my mum, pearl necklace: gift from my dad, boots: thrifted

This is not what I intended to wear today. I even started my day in a fancy dress and blouse. I was looking prep and prime, even my colleagues commented on how good I looked. Then I went to the bathroom aroung noon, when suddenly the sink exploded during hand washing.

Normally, this would be gross. But as I work in a hospital, this was highly dangerous. No-one knows what kind of bacteria and virae is in the sewage water of thousend of sick people. So I ran home (without putting on my jacket, I was so disgusted and smelling), jumped under the shower and threw my clothes in the washing machine.

I grabbed anything lying on my bed (I had my 30 for 30 clothes lying there, fresh from the drying line) and went back to work. At least it doesn't look to bad! Once the clothes have dried again - I hope they still fit, because I needed to cook them to kill all the germs - I will show you the "real outfit", I promise.

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mk said...

oh no, what a mess!! I'm glad you are ok and were able to change. you still look cute even after such a crazy day! :)