Wednesday, February 16, 2011

15 out of 30

Scarf: Strauß, cardigan: H&M gift from *wollmaus*, shirt & belt: Primark, jeggins: pieces, booties: H&M

When I came home today, there were two surpises waiting for me. One was my new netbook (Samsung NC10 plus), which I ordered from the rest of the car fund/ old jewelry. I already kicked off the Windows starter edition and installed propper software!

The other surprise was that my boyfriend cut of his beautiful long hair. 80cm went and will never return - buhuuuuuu! He now is the proud owner of a faux hawk - after I worked on the semi mullet the hair stylist gave him. I guess this will take a while for me to get used to.


Wollmaus said...

Waaaaas hat er getan?? Wieso? Die langen Haare standen ihm so gut...ich finds wirklich schade.

Hey! Den grauen Überwurf kenn ich doch... :D

Neise||a said...

*hoil* die schönen Haare T_T