Saturday, February 12, 2011

11 out of 30

Dress: H&M, longsleeve & tights: Primark, boots: thrifted, scarf: gift from BF's grandma

I'm looking very tired on my makeup picture which might be because I was. I fell asleep twice on the couch while watching TV. Before 9pm. Then I gave up and went to bed. Man, I'm so exciting sometimes!

There might be more party tomorrow, but to be honest, this car stuff is stressy and tyring, so I'm not very motivated to go out. And there is always the money issue. Boyfriend got the news that the car might be fixable for a cheaper price, but he needs to find a matching door. And the dent will have to be fixed and re-coloured. But this seems to make more sense moneywise than buying another old car with unknown other problems.

I think I might sell some old jewelry that I inherited and never wear. I don't wear gold at al, so I might as well have the stones reset and sell of the gold. What do you think?

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