Sunday, February 27, 2011

26 out of 30

Dress & cardigan: H&M, tights: some gothicshop, overknee socks: Primark, peal necklace: gift from my dad, boots: thrifted

I'm still feeling somewhat disturbed. Strange day today, again. I went to the "Stoffmarkt" in Oberhausen, but I didn't buy much. All the stuff was expensive, especially the fabric. I bought some sewing notions, but not a piece of fabric. There were 2 sellers who offered 1 meter for 2 Euros, all others wanted more. I remember "Stoffmarkt" with several seller offering fabric for 1 Euro per meter!

This was my lunch today: omelette with cheese and veggies. It was delicious and made by the very best cook in the world - my boyfriend!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

25 out of 30

Trousers: Esprit, longsleeve & pullover: Primark, belt: my mum, pearl necklace: gift from my dad, boots: thrifted

This is not what I intended to wear today. I even started my day in a fancy dress and blouse. I was looking prep and prime, even my colleagues commented on how good I looked. Then I went to the bathroom aroung noon, when suddenly the sink exploded during hand washing.

Normally, this would be gross. But as I work in a hospital, this was highly dangerous. No-one knows what kind of bacteria and virae is in the sewage water of thousend of sick people. So I ran home (without putting on my jacket, I was so disgusted and smelling), jumped under the shower and threw my clothes in the washing machine.

I grabbed anything lying on my bed (I had my 30 for 30 clothes lying there, fresh from the drying line) and went back to work. At least it doesn't look to bad! Once the clothes have dried again - I hope they still fit, because I needed to cook them to kill all the germs - I will show you the "real outfit", I promise.

24 out of 30

Skirt: thrifted, longsleeve: H&M, cardigan: Next, boots: thrifted, tights (I know they are not visible on this picture): Primark

Sorry, my week is terrible. I do overtime everyday. I sleep on the couch in the evening, because I can't get my ass to sew when I return home after 10 or more hours. I don't even run in the mornings. I think that february might not be a good month for me. Last year the nightmare move to Essen, this year a car crash... I wonder what next year will bring?

Friday, February 25, 2011

No 24 out of 30

Sorry, I will post today's outfit tomorrow. A sewer exploded all over me today, so I wear whatever I could grap and return to work on time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burda Style 3/2011

The march issue of Burda is traditionally the one with wedding dresses. Although it brings bad luck to sew your own dress (which I don't believe in), this issue again is mainly wedding dresses and according mother -of-the-bride oder brides maid dresses.
Third place goes to a wedding dress - I know, I always said I would never marry! ^^ - which I think would make a pretty 50s looking dress when shortened to knee length. The two wedding dresses with bows look best from the whole collection in my eyes. Maybe I'm more girly than I think... Second best also is a dress, I think that the draping in the front will perfectly hide a small belly and the form is very flattering for many sizes. The nly problem I now have is that I have no occasion to wear such a dress. Hmmm.
The pattern I liked best from this issue is a short blazer with box pleated peplums. While the fabric here is really over the top, a pinstripe or uni woolen fabric would make this instantly wearable.

But wedding dresses offer the oppurtunity to Burda to really screw it up. The pants on the left are the only ugly pattern that doesn't come from the wedding collection! And the combination of white eyelet batist with a colourful top could have made it there as well... What is bad about this pants? A mum-jeans cut never flatters, although it might be on vogue right now. And batist is see-through, even more so with eyelets! Who would want to wear pants that need pants under them?
Second worst goes to the ghost revival dress on the right. Burda also reused the pattern for a brightly coloured fabric which doesn_t look much better. I like drapey but this dress looks as if you had n accident with the shredder! But it only comes second to the O-dress. It was only invented to give everyone the same unflattering o shape. If you think your silloutte needs more belly, this is the right dress. Otherwise, sew one of the dresses from the upper picture, please!

23 out of 30

Cardigan: Primark, longsleeve and boots: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins

I really love how versatile and comfy my grey cardigan is. I can wear it open or belted and recently also tried a knotted version. It even looks a little bit as if I have a waist, don't you think? Sorry for the short post, but I have another one on the way! ^^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

22 out of 30

Pullover: Night owl by *wollmaus*, dress: H&M, tights: Primark, Boots: thrifted

Sorry for the delay in posting, but it seems that february is not exactly my type of month. After the car and the according money troubles, I still need to afford to pay my tuition. I will be very broke next month! To top it all off, I left the flat without the right key, so I had to wait for my boyfriend before I could come home... As I said, I'm looking forward to march!

On to another topic: This is the last thing I started sewing on my precious sewing sunday! If you can guess what it is, I will award you a virtual cookie...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

21 out of 30

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, longsleeve: Primark, kitty bow blouse & booties: H&M, earings: Iam

I had a really productive weekend and week - so far it's only tuesday, but well- I sew, I cleaned, I destashed, I sorted, I planned... Once I finish doing my taxes, you can call me queen bee!

I look about as tired as I feel in this picture. Maybe I should try to go to bed before 11.30 pm during the week? I had some of these lip markers on in this picture, but it seems that they are fading really fast. It's a pity because I love that the colouris so light and I don't leave kissing traces on my boyfriend! And I have even more girly stuff to talk about today: Pink galore is coming!

This pillow was sewn from one of the most expensive fabrics I ever bought. I think it was 7 Euro per meter. Yes, I'm a cheap fabric buyer. I have sources were I pay about 1-2 Euros per meter. And I use them well! But look at the details:

I love the colours (first pic is more colour accurate) and the cherry blossoms. The pillow will look very pretty on my bed!

I then used a piece of farbic I got from Neisella when she first visited me. I planned to sew a corset then, but I somehow don't feel like I would wear this anymore. So, I turned it into something more... - mature?

I needed a new toilet bag, because my old one literally tore to pieces after years of use. I used a wipeable lining in black, so I can get rid of the occassional makeup or tooth paste. The other part of the fabric also wanted to be gone, so I present to you:

A bag, perfectly sized for my new netbook. Now I don't have to feel bad about leaving this pretty kitty fabric inside of some box, but rather have a new bag to show to the world. Win-win, if you ask me! ^^

Monday, February 21, 2011

20 out of 30

Dress: Collectif, cardigan & hair band: Primark, tights: C&A, shoes: Baha

Well, as I said yesterday, I spent my sunday in front of my sewing machine! I still have to do some hand stitches -blergh!- but as you might know me, this can take some time...

Here is what I finished already:

A pencil skirt from stretch wool I "inherited" from my aunt. She stopped sewing some years ago and handed me a bunch of fabrics 2 years ago, Finally used some of this, so I'm pretty pleased. I also like the outcome, unlike this horrible skirt:

Yes, I just hiked my dress up and the colours don't match. But what I would like to point out is some fitting issue. Do you see this bunch of fabric right in front of my crotch? No?

Now? I really liked the pattern in theory. It involves a tight top part with some flare lateron. The skirt has pockets. Very practical, if you ask me. But I don't see how I can make this work on my body. It's a pity for the fabric, but well, you win some, loose some...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

19 out of 30

Skirt: thrifted, cardigan & boots: H&M, leggins: Primark

WIth some lack of sleep and another flat I had to check for our chinese guest student, I was not in the mood for fancy dressing today. This was a "just shower, no makeup, no fuss" day.

I destashed some fabric today. I'm proud that I sorted out a full bag of scraps and old unfinished stuff, that I will never finish and never wear. I hope that my uncluttering will help me store my clothes and fabrics more efficiently and prettier. Tomorrow is a sewing day! ^^

18 out of 30

My friday was spent watching presentations and finally working some practical stuff myself. I prefer working in the lab to just listening about experiments. My clothes have to be practical for labwork. Trousers are neccessary, made from low flamable materials like wool or cotton. Layers help when you need to put on a labcoat and it gets warm. The hair has to be in a bun or ponytail so you don't contaminate your samples. This is what I wore:

Trousers: Esprit, pullover: night owl by *wollmaus*, boots: thrifted

Bonus back shot, I really applied eyes to all owls!

THe clothes were comfortable enough to bring me through another 5 hours or train ride. I was so happy to come home around 2 am!

17 out of 30

Trousers: Esprit, pullovers: H&M, boots: thrifted

Sorry for the delay, I will post all the outfits of the last days together. During the day I never had time and opportunity to post anything (don't ask about taking pictures). So I had to take some snaps and take the outfit pictures at home...

My hairdo and makeup looked like this (taken on thursday):

Our hotel was really nice; close to the main station but quiet and clean. So, for a stay in München I recommend Atlas City Hotel. Unless you are overweight, neither the small blankets nor the bathroom accomodate anyone above normal weight...

Room with a view!

And our very nice breakfast:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

16 out of 30

Pullover "night owl": knit by *wollmaus*, skirt: thrifted, tights: Primark, booties: H&M

Wow, I look fat in this! I promise that it looks better in person! And the flash also shows my grey underlayer... I should really work on this!

Tday I will head for a workshop in Munich, I hope I will not have trouble taking my pictures there. Maybe I can ask my co-worker, who will share my room. Ah the joys of cheap traveling!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

15 out of 30

Scarf: Strauß, cardigan: H&M gift from *wollmaus*, shirt & belt: Primark, jeggins: pieces, booties: H&M

When I came home today, there were two surpises waiting for me. One was my new netbook (Samsung NC10 plus), which I ordered from the rest of the car fund/ old jewelry. I already kicked off the Windows starter edition and installed propper software!

The other surprise was that my boyfriend cut of his beautiful long hair. 80cm went and will never return - buhuuuuuu! He now is the proud owner of a faux hawk - after I worked on the semi mullet the hair stylist gave him. I guess this will take a while for me to get used to.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14 out of 30

Shirt, booties & longsleeve: H&M, jeggins: , necklace: gift from my mum, earrings: New Look, alice band: Primark

I feel a bit pirat-y today (btw, when is day again? Arrrh?) which the pearls I captured on a sinking ship around my neck... Somehow I'm into sailor and pirate stuff at the moment. I'm also planning a sailor pinup dress for WGT (still have yet to start any of the outfits).

I got some sewing done this weekend and finished a purple leo skirt. This was the sneek peak I offered you a week ago.

My scedule is crammed up to the brim, I usually crash at the weekends and spend the days sleeping or relaxing on the couch. This weekend, i tricked myself and moved the sewing machine to the living room. I was able to watch TV ("relax" as my brain thinks, although I know exactly that relaxation is not what I feel after an evening in front of adds and stupid TV shows) and sew at the same time! Genius, I know! ^^

Monday, February 14, 2011

13 out of 30

Dress & tights: H&M, cardigan: Next, belt: Primark, boots: Tamaris, thrifted

First outside pictures this year! It wasn't that cold and on the weekends I have some daylight hours which I really enjoy.

I'm not sure if I like the tights. The colour is somewhat yucky, but these are the only ones of pack of three which have not ripped or lost form. Why is it that the favourites always break so fast and the other ones that you have to buy in a multipack always last forever? The fashion gods must be very mean! ^^

Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 out of 30

Dress & booties: H&M, longsleeve, hair band & tights: Primark, green scarf: Strauß, brooch: I dn't remember, bought it years ago!

Today I went to sell the old stuff and got a lot of money. Enough to repair BF's car. And even a little more, which I spent on myself. Thanks to my grandma, who gave these gold chains to me! I should have sold them earlier, it feels really good. Not to get rid of my heritage, but to know that I don't have to keep this jewelry unworn to remember her. Now I have some great stones that I will set in silver or white gold and actually wear. Makes more sense to me!

I was channeling my inner rocker chic with the booties, so I chose my pleather jacket to go outside:

And because one should always incorporate the same colour at least twice, I wore a hairband with pink leo. You can also see the brooch a bit better which I used to keep my scarf at bay. Don't mind my hair, I have a talent for taking pictures that look like I have serious hair loss issues...

While looking through my old jewelry, I found this ring again (sorry, the closeup makes my hands look old and very strange):

It was a gift from my aunt, the stone is a rock cristal, not a diamond, so the ring is not amazingly expensive. But I love the style and will wear it for little while now. Thanks again, auntie!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

11 out of 30

Dress: H&M, longsleeve & tights: Primark, boots: thrifted, scarf: gift from BF's grandma

I'm looking very tired on my makeup picture which might be because I was. I fell asleep twice on the couch while watching TV. Before 9pm. Then I gave up and went to bed. Man, I'm so exciting sometimes!

There might be more party tomorrow, but to be honest, this car stuff is stressy and tyring, so I'm not very motivated to go out. And there is always the money issue. Boyfriend got the news that the car might be fixable for a cheaper price, but he needs to find a matching door. And the dent will have to be fixed and re-coloured. But this seems to make more sense moneywise than buying another old car with unknown other problems.

I think I might sell some old jewelry that I inherited and never wear. I don't wear gold at al, so I might as well have the stones reset and sell of the gold. What do you think?

Friday, February 11, 2011

10 out of 30

Shirt & cardigan: Primark, trouser: Esprit, socks: knit by my mum, barettes: Iam

Keeping it comfortable and professional, because I need to make a good first impression. I'm visiting a flat for rent today. Don't worry, BF and I have not split up and won't move. It's for a chinese guest student who will come here in March. I hope she will get the flat, I will get a call tomorrow!

By the way, did you realise that today marks the first third of the "30 for 30" competition? Am I already starting to look boring and replicating my outfits? I still have a lot more ideas for the coming days!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

9 out of 30

Cardgan: H&M, Tights: Primark, skirt: trhrifted, boots: thrifted, earings: New Look, ring: gift from my aunt

Currently, one of my papers sits at my boss's desk for her to read. I'm writing on two more, one of them due as fast as I can make it, the other one needs some more practical work. I have one presentation every month now about my work, so I think I'm making myself a name of the scientific community! If it is "publish or perish", publish I will!

My work is kind of stressy with traveling a lot, and learning new stuff all the time. In addition to the papers I write, I have labwork to do, paper presentations for the journal club we have every week with our boss and the boss's boss and a lot of smaller side projects that do not take less time or work but never give the same laurels for us PhD students. Nevertheless it helps getting a foot in the scientific community which will be usefull once I seek a Postdoc position or a real job. I know I have two more years to go, but it's never to early to network!

Carwise, we are still calculating... Hope for the best!

Bonus twirl pic:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8 out of 30

Trousers: Esprit, cardigan: Next, boots: thrifted, bee earings: Etsy

Monday was not a good day. Some idiot drove into my boyfriend's parking car. The car is totalled (it's worth about 1200-1400 Euro, the repairs would be around 5000ish), so now we discuss whether we will buy a new(to him) car and from what money... Damn truck dirvers who don't watch their back and then just drive off!

Just look at the side! None of the doors on this side can be opened... I'm sorry for this rather short post, but I will spent the next days at my desk, calculating and hoping that dad can lend me some money because we won't get any loan from a bank. Damn it...