Monday, January 3, 2011

Red alert

Some last and small sewing projects from 2010 remain. I had some small scraps of red wild silk, which where leftovers from a friend's prom dress. She sewed a whole medievil dress and some matching pants for her then-boyfriend. Last year I "inherited" scraps but could decide what to make from them. So now I turned them into a bow, which always reminds me of her when I wear it:

one picture where you can see the bow structure

and one which is colour accurate. I hate how my cam is not able to capture true colours when it's dark. Unfortunately I'm currently only at home WHEN it's dark. Any solutions?

While visiting my boss' birthday party in december, her son wore a superman shirt. I asked if he has a matching cape, but although they have a lot of old cloth for dress up, a cape was still missing. So I sewed one from another scrap (this time red linen) I had at home:

again, this is nowhere near the original colour. Imagine this being fire engine red!

She was very happy when I gave it to her and I hope the little man enjoys his cape as well!

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