Monday, January 31, 2011

30 for 30 and january recap

From tomorrow on, I will participate in "30 for 30" hosted by Kendi Everyday. This means I pledge to wear only the pictured 30 items (not including underwear, accessoirs or coats) for the next 30 days. Here are the rules as taken from her blog:

1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

That's it! Well not entirely so..

3. Don't shop for 30 days.
This also means I have to post a picture of every outfit... Let's see how this works!


But now to something completely different: January recap! I was a bad girl...

My goal was to do endurance training 3 times a week. I achieved at least one endurance training per week, but never exceeded 2 times. So this is a big fat fail! ^^ But I will try to be better next month and get my lazy ass into gear...

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Mieze said...

I should try that too... I have done far too much shopping last month -.- but not shopping all february is not an option, I've got a date with some friends to go to primark ;) but maybe in march ^^ I'm wishing you the best of luck on that project and am looking forward to seeing the results!