Monday, January 31, 2011

30 for 30 and january recap

From tomorrow on, I will participate in "30 for 30" hosted by Kendi Everyday. This means I pledge to wear only the pictured 30 items (not including underwear, accessoirs or coats) for the next 30 days. Here are the rules as taken from her blog:

1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet. Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.

2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.

That's it! Well not entirely so..

3. Don't shop for 30 days.
This also means I have to post a picture of every outfit... Let's see how this works!


But now to something completely different: January recap! I was a bad girl...

My goal was to do endurance training 3 times a week. I achieved at least one endurance training per week, but never exceeded 2 times. So this is a big fat fail! ^^ But I will try to be better next month and get my lazy ass into gear...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eva Brown

pullover : H&M, skirt: thrifted, tights with bows: Primark, boots: Tamaris, scarf: C&A

I don't get how my boyfriend gets all this round points on the pictures... Anyway, this skirt is the first and only brown piece of clothing that I own. I bought it in a package (3 skirts together, I really wanted the other ones) and I have to admit - it fits best! And by keeping the unflattering colour away from my face, I think I can wear this! Maybe I should take the skirt apart and use it as a pattern for prettier fabrics? What do you think?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Broken strings

Like the little kitty bracelet I feel lost in the moment. Not keeping up with my goals a s much as I could, hnging in front of the TV and shopping way too much online. I can't find my sewing mojo when I have time. I bored and watch TV which is even more boring. I ordered craft supplies but haven't touched them until now. I'm feeling bleh. No better word for that, sorry. And as much I would like to blame other people, most of this is exactly my problem. No-one can help me out of this except me... Better get working on it, huh? *sigh*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Evil witch of the west

Dress and cardigan: H&M, tights: C&A, shoes: Bata

Not the most flattering pictures of myself, but the others were worse! I had the evil with from "The wizard of Ozz" in mind when I put on the red shoes. The H&M dress had a really ugly black-and-white flower ruffle on the bust which I ripped of. It still has not the best fit in the world, but I love the polkadots and the light petticoat sewn in as the lining.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New boots - I love them!

Cardigan and tights: Primark, shorts: H&M, scarf: gift from boyfriend's grandma for christmas, boots: Tamaris (thrifted)

Looking at these pictures I can hardly imagine that I wore this outside for regular food shopping! Seema like the shorts are a bit on the short side, don't you think? But I wanted to wear my new boots which arrived just the evening before and wasn't in mood for a skirt.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Shirt and pullover: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: knitted by my mum, candycane alice band: Primark

As you can see by the christmas tree in the background, this pic is a little dated already. I wore this in the first week of january. The red and white stripes remind me of candy canes, so this outfit is more a christmas outfit than anything else... It might take some time until I can wear this again!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Burda Style 2/2011

I'm have to admit something: I might buy the february issue of Burda magazine! It has been a long time (and I'm not sure yet, but since the issue has just popped up at the counters, I still have some time to rethink this)! But just look at these beauties:

The whole part about 50s style patterns in italian theme has totally wowed me. This might be because of my recent interest in vintage fashion, because I'm drawn towards feminine sillouettes or just because the pictures were amazing, but this part makes the issue worth buying for me. And the patterns are not in plus size to boot!
You will see this week that I already have some "business" shorts at home and wear them occassionally. I think I have to sew some of them in marine fabric and I'm torn between this pattern or Burda Style's Ruby. The high waisted pencil skirt looks awesome on the model in the issue and I hope it would also look good on me. But I'm most smitten by the dress! I ordered a vogue pattern two weeks ago when I didn't know about this pattern in the Burda issue. It would have saved me some money (buying the whole issue of Burda is cheaper than one Vogue pattern - oh the injustice! ^^) and I actually prefer this look alittle bit. Hrmpf...

On the other hand, Burda fully embraces the eighties (colourwise) and "frumpy dresses make me look skinnier" trend again. I don't think that the O-sillouette flatters anyone but the fairset of women. It might look good on some elves or fairies, but everyone who has a pound to hide only emphasizes this in the shown dresses. While the pink one has at least some shaping by pull straps, the yellow one is just...- round.
And why oh why do designers create skirts which emphasize the hip? Do you know any woman who wants to show off her saddlebags? Me neither. So just avoid sewing this skirt!

Monday, January 17, 2011

New ink?

Pullover: H&M, Shirt (only ruffle visible): Dorothy Perkins, skirt: thrifted (, tights: Primark, booties: thrifted

When I got to work wearing this outfit, one of the Methadon patients asked me whether my boss has any problems with my tattoo. As I don't have any tattoos (yet) I was surprised, but then he realised that I was wearing printed tights!

So, here's a list of how it is to work in the psychiatry:

+ most people are well mannered, even only severely drugged
+ good locks in the doors and high security
+ lots of funny and interesting people around (like the anorexic chess player or the music therapy down in the cellar)

- police coming over with criminals who need drug testing / Methadon
- screaming people (sometimes just normal screams, sometimes "He*l Hi*ler")
- I've heard that 2 years ago a guy went crazy with a knife when he was expelled from the Methoádon programme after taking illegal drugs. Unfortunately, no-one was hurt.

Concluding. I can only say that everyone working here also belongs to this place, some with a key and some without! ^^

Monday, January 10, 2011

What I might sew and wear III

This is the last planned outfit so far (maybe I'll do some more, but I will tell you then! ^^), Offiicer Octopus. While everyone seems to be obseesed with airships and pirates in steampunk nowadays, I'm heading to be a marine! This time I borrow an idea from a reader - Fräulein Mieze. She painted thick lines on her mad tea party skirt and bloomers, I would like to paint lead coloured stripes on my pants (and maybe disaster bloomers in case it will be 35°C again). I hope that you don't mind, otherwise I will have to rethink my bottoms!

Other than that I will sew a shoulder cover with matching overseas cap, a corset and maybe a blouse (I have something at home which I might wear if time runs out). I will paint an octopus on the back of the shoulder cover and the cap.

The corset might be in grey or black, while the other colour will be the frame. For the buttons I'm considering the skull buttons that *wollmaus* gave to me as last year's birthday present. Or maybe some simple black/silver ones.

On my feet I will wear my 30 hole boots that I already have at home.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seeing the world through different eyes

Yesterday my boyfriend revived his black lights and told me to come have a look. It's surprising how different our flat looks when seen through blacklight! It shows pretty new sights as well as stuff we need to reconsider...

My bedroom

Really pretty, huh? I like how the flowers fluoresce. This is actually almost the light they emit when light at night, only warmer. But very soft.

The living room

I like how the books look. The few ornage glowing details really add to the overall picture, no? And one can clearly see the paper handkerchiefs the gerbils shredded and mixed into their bedding.

The hallway

Althoguh this looks almost like a night sky with stars over my mural, it juyt means we did a sloppy painting job here. Well, we need to repaint when we move out anyway and it is not really visible during the day. At least nobody ever told me!

The kitchen

Okay, this one is yucky! We obviously have to do a better job at cleaning! Please bear in mind that this kitchen was thoroughly cleaned on sunday and has been used two times a day since. But we rally should pay more attention to the walls...

I will not show you our bathroom (because the only interesting part was the toilet (it had a light up seat as well, but only in one colour! ^^ White of course!) and the boyfriend's room, but they also shone in this expeiment. Funny how a different light changes our view on stuff you knew for a long time, don't you think?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I might sew and wear II

This outfit has been inspired a little by Soda's recent obsession with starwars clothes and looks. My outfit will not be a copy, but something loosely inspired, so don't be afraid that I steal her ideas!

The main colours for "Barbierella" will be pink (surprise!) and white, with some accents in bright electric blue. The fabrics are already in my stash, so this will be a low cost outfit...

The short jacket will be in pink pvc, the applique on the back - a comic raygun- will have a blue background and be white with pink contrast stitches.

Somewhat like this, but with a solid round panel instead of the rays

I will use a corset in white pvc I already own. The shirt will probably be white and see through, but this design is pretty easy so I will think about the pattern when it's time.

The shorts will also be sewn from PVC, but white. I know, white PVC attracts discoloration, but I probably wont wear them that often. And I think that they will look cuter in white.

The other hardly identifyable garment is a holster with small pockets. I'm not sure how to do this or how it should look like, but I know it will be pink again.

Maybe something like this?

or like this? but with more pockets?

As I said, the holster is still open for ideas...

I will wear my white wig (which you might remember from Amphi 2009), maybe some goggles I already have at home (these are optional, but I fear that my head looks empty otherwise), some white and pink tights and socks. And white shoes which I still have to buy... This will be the expensive part because I'm considering:

New Rocks
other New Rocks
chinese "Doc Martens"

I'm open for cheaper or more stylish suggestions!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My first blog award

I was tagged by the lovely Neisella who presented me with this wonderful award:

Hey, I'm feeling very much honored, this is my first award ever! I don't know what I got this for, given my sporadic appearances and lame topics (it's all about me...). *blush*. I will hand this award on to:

My friend *wollmaus*, off course! Who would have thought that we would become friends after our first meeting? Me not! But unexpected friends make the best ones in my eyes... Thanks for always being there for me and keeping contact with "that strange gothic girl"!

Fräulein Mieze, who is an great inspiration for me! Not only does she have great ideas and sews the most beautiful garments, she was also very nice when I met her in person during Mera Luna!

And Khaos from Khaos couture, last but not least. She makes astonishing jewelry and is highly productive. I wonder if she steals time from other people like the grey man in Momo, just look at her output quantity!

Du bist getaggt worden & möchtest teilnehmen? Erstelle einen Post, indem du das Liebster-Blog-Bild postest & die Anleitung reinkopierst (= der Text den du gerade liest). Außerdem solltest du zum Blog der Person verlinken, die dir den Award verliehen hat & sie per Kommentar in ihrem Blog informieren, dass du den Award annimmst & ihr den Link deines Award Posts da lassen. Danach überlegst du dir 3- 5 Lieblingsblogs, die du ebenfalls in deinem Post verlinkst & die Besitzer jeweils per Kommentar - Funktion informierst, dass sie getaggt wurden und hier ebenfalls den Link des Posts angibst, in dem die Erklärung steht. Liebe Bloggerinen: Das Ziel, dieser Aktion ist, dass wir unbekannte, gute Blogs an's Licht bringen, deswegen würde ich euch bitten keine Blogs zu Posten, die ohnehin schon 3000 Leser haben, sondern talentierte Anfänger & Leute, die zwar schon ne Weile bloggen, aber immer noch nicht so bekannt sind.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I might sew and wear

To be totally and brutally honest with you, I can't draw clothes for the sake of my life. So please, be nice if you comment! These sketches are mere reminders for me of what I had in mind and might be changed while sewing. A lot.

clicking makes to pictures large

This is the first sketch I'd like to sew and this is also the one I ordered the fabric for. It will contain a bustled skirt with undergarments, a camisole, a corset, a jacket and a hat. I already have this hat at home, but I plan to add some metal skissors to it to go with the "sewing theme". I also have had a ribbon with inch markings like measuring tape at home which I will use to decorate the garments:

this one in black and white

The farbics I will use are plain black and apple green cotton sateens, with some shine but not like the cheap polyester satins I would only recommend for playing dress up:

I guess you can all imagine how this fabric looks in black. BTW this is the stock foto of the ebay seller I got it from...

All skirts (including the bustle) will be made from the green fabric, only the ruffle at the bottom hem will be in black. Hey, I will wear this outside, so it WILL get dirty. And it's easier to get stains out of black than bright green... I'm also considering adding black lace to the measuring tape ribbon, so it won't look lost in the green. I guess we will sew while I'm sewing! For the jacket I will make a green front panel and everythig else in black. Again the sleeves will have the ribbon (and maybe lace) detail. I think black buttons will fit nicely, maybe some mother of pearl ones? Also something I will leave for later (I can see myself sewing the buttons during driving to the WGT...)

I will also sew a decorative and functional camisole because you never know about the temperatures on white monday, I had everything from 15-32°C while staying in Leipzig. If it's cold I will wear everything I planned, otherwise I will try to undress as much as possible while being in public! ^^ The camisole will be black with a green accent band at the neckline. The corsett will be plain black (maybe I will take one I already own, if there are time or motivation issues).

For the bustle underconstruction I will draft the pattern myself, I saw some construction sites on the internet and feel confident that I can do this myself. I will use scrap fabrics for this, so expect the most hillarious bustle of all times. For prettyness sake I will add a ruffle of the green sateen at the bottom which is the only part that might be visible. I stille need to order the boning, but I plan to sew it first so I can measure how much steel I will need.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions - *sigh*

My first resolution for this year is to train my endurance - but it seems such a hard thing to do! Today I tried to run in the morning, but found out that about 2/3 of my usual track is covered with rock hard ice. While trying to find a way to run anyway, I made it to all in all - watch out for this, it's amazing! ;) - 3 minutes of running. Not continously, of course! After I slipped and fell on my butt, I returned home. Until the ice is melting - or sombody hands the city of Essen either indefinite amounts of salt or money- running is no choice.

The next bath is about 10 minutes by bus, but costs 8 Euros every time I go there (until I can finally enroll in university. Currently they are closed for holidays...), so this might be a tad expensive. For friday I plan to go out with the boyfriend, and this time I will wear a danceable outfit. So there will be some sweating glowing going on.

"A lady glows, she never sweats. Sometimes I glow buckets!" (Cited from my friend *wollmaus*)

I'm seriously considering buying a stepper for endurance training in winter. Are those things efficient? I never tried one. There is no space for an eliptical, otherwise this would be my choice...

I already did some designing for the WGT (and even ordered some fabric. Ahum, stash is growing... Yeah, I didn't have enough fabric in one colour anyway. And the colour is really pretty!) and might show my sketches here. Anyone interested?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dark shopping in Essen - Leo Store

As I will be traveling a lot this month I try to prepare some posts upfront. I might take some time to reply to any comments, but I hope this small "dark shopping series" has all the information necessary. If you have any recommendations for further shops just tell me, I'm always happy to get to know less mainstream goth shops…

I want to be really honest with you. I had some mayor issues with the owner of this store in the past, so my review might be biased. If you are easily influenced and don't want to read about my personal problems with this store, skip the upper part, just read the points about location, staff and so on.

The owner of this store has set up a stage during the Essen original festival two years ago, where sevaral shows (including some modeling) was palnned. But he refused to offer food or drinks to the bands (which he contractually signed before), he changed the time table whenever he wanted, had an x-rated sado maso show during daytime with children watching and forced bands to play during rain with uninsulated cables. Everyone else gave their best to get the show running, but he sabotaged the whole show. Therefore this shop will never see any money neither from me nor from my boyfriend.

So, I entered the store with some prejudice in my mind but try to be nice here. I like the store layout, you kand find easily what you are looking for. The staff members are helpful, but don't rush and supervise your every step. You can find many known brands here, but the prices are high compared to other stores in Essen or the internet stores.

Location (where is the shop, is it easy to find, parking etc.):



Again, a store which is not very central, but if you are on the way to the bullet store, this one is almost next door! Parking is not the best over there, but it's only 10 min per pedes to the Limbecker Platz.

Design (is the shop clean, are there changing rooms, ambiente):


It is pretty dark inside, but this might be good for the "I'm so tue, is piss darkness" crowd. I like to see which nuance of black my black is ^^. I think that the darkness hides flaws in the clothes to be honest. So I prefer more light in a shop even if the main selling group are gothics. I like the decorations in the display window, especially the frankenstein always makes me smile when I pass!

Selling range (only selling big brands or independent designers? How many different brands?):


Well, they are only selling brands, and even just the very big ones like Aderlass, Sector One and Mode wichtig. There is a lot of cyber wear, so if you're interested in neon clothes and have the moy to boot, this is a good store!



The staff is nice and helpfull, they look for other sizes if you are in the changing room and the clothes don't fit. But on the other hand they tried to sell me a skrit that was not only too short for my figure but also had a very unflattering colour. Hmmm.

Overall rating: 13/20 zombie thumb ups

Well, as I said in the beginning, I try to be objective here. But I won't buy there. I kand find the same cloth in the internetshops, sometimes for less money. While the staff is nice, they also try to sell even if the clothes might not suit my body type. If you are looking to stock up on neon pink or dead bunny prints, this might be a good store. But I won't give my money to the store owner...