Friday, December 31, 2010

Retrospect on 2010

What happened in january?
  • getting up very early, the morning will never be the best time for me
  • teaching students is more annoying than rewarding
  • I find my do-it-yourself skills
  • a lot of job interviews --> a job!!!
What happened in february?
  • moving to Essen and together with my boyfriend
  • decorating the flat, which I love (both decorating and the flat itself)
  • starting my job
What happened in march?
  • painting flowers on my wall because my boyfriend was sick and tired and I needed a quiet activity
  • visiting my friend Ey in Bremen. It was a pity that she moved so far away, but I love that we still keep in contact!
  • eating the most expensive lollipop of my live (because I loose my retainer and need to have it replaced)
What happened in april?
  • painting my mural in the hallway
  • I started growing strawberries on the windowsill, which I will definetly repeat next year!
  • my friend *wollmaus* moves to Essen, looking for a job! We start meeting regularly again
What happened in may?
  • our little monsters move in! They still only accept to be touched when bribed with pumpkinseeds but secretly they love us! I hope.
  • boyfriend really gets into playing Ultimate Frisbee, I try to support him and not be grumpy if I don't see him on the weekends and 3-4 evenings a week
What happened in july?
  • I sewed my first piping and trun hawaiian fabric into a pretty dress. All in all my most successfull sewing month this year!
  • my first trip to Bonn, but unfortunately mostly spent working
  • I started planning the holidays in september, so I can get some discounts on the bookings.
  • the first Natron und Soda Kreativ market was taking place and enjoyed my time with the girls there a lot!
What happened in june?
  • another Natron und Soda Kreativ market I participated. Maybe I should try to sell more than I take home?!
  • I walked on the highway, because Essen was culture capital of Europe this year
  • I got a new (to me) camera and learned how to take night shots
  • Boyfriend and I went to several movies int he open air cinema. I loved it!
What happened in august?
  • I start running (again).
  • Mera Luna with Feindflug! I loved he meeting with Forum members there because it was more cosy and small than the one on the WGT. Mera Luna is also much more laid back than WGT when you think about clothes and behaviour.
  • I tried again to sew from Burda and fail miserably. Maybe I should present the results here. But this might destroy my image... ^^
What happened in september?
  • holidays in Ireland. First holidays with my boyfriend. What can I say, we need to make compromises, because our expectations about holidays vary a lot...
  • boyfreind has his first really paid modeling gig. I'm so proud!
What happened in october?
  • my modeling boyfriend has another gig where I meet Wu again after several years. His fashion line is amazing!
  • This time Ey is visiting us here in Essen. I think she will come back (gothic parties are so much better here! ^^)
  • on halloween we decide more or less spontanously to meet Neisi and ::victoria:: in the Eisenlager. It was okay but not the best party ever. Still looking for the halloween holy grail of parties...
  • I get interested in more vintage and 50s dressing, and try red lip stick while it's day outside
What happened in november?
  • work, work work and did I mention that I worked a lot?
  • my 26th brithday and I still don't feel grown up
  • my first soufflee is a success
What happened in december?
  • I got all my christmas presents in time. I'm so proud that I didn't have to stress out on the last week before christmas!
  • comfy time with my family. Although they are crazy I love them to death!
  • free time so I got some sewing done.
  • Christmas Market meeting with the Natron and Soda people. They kind of dominated my year, no?
Now I'm really looking forward to next year! All best wishes to my readers and a happy new year!

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