Monday, December 27, 2010

Old to new

When my father's girlfriend sent me my presents this year, she put some old cloth (part of them from her recently deceased mother) in the box as filling materials and for me to wear or use. Both are nearly a head smaller than me and stayed very slim, so most stuff just didn't fit at all. But some cloth could be reused:

I cut this blue woolen dress up in two parts: One skirt and a shirt. I will keep the collar which is very well sewn (by hand, I guess from her mother) and change the body of the shirt part which involves a lot of unstitching. This will take a little longer, but I already finished the skirt part:

I added a stretchy jersey part on top, so this skirt can be worn comfortably during the "stuffing season" (family meetings around christmas). I kept the hand sewn hemline, because I admire the clean handstitches!

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