Monday, December 20, 2010

Natron und Soda meeting @ christmas market in Essen

As every year, Natron&Soda members from all over the Ruhr area gather at the christmas market in Essen. This year it was not only as nice as usual but the falling snow added some more christmas feeling!

We met at the main station and then walked over to the medievil part of the market to drink mead and glühwein.

Birgit-Lisa, Martex and Thanatos talking, Schwarzpulver and her boyfriend in the back

Martex (the conqueror) and Thanatos

Martex after a hairstyling session with Charlie (on the left)

::victoria:: and Charlie, Fusselkopf's back is on the right

*wollmaus* and Neisella, our russian Zarenina

Neisella's animal friendly fur hat is an amazing instrument to bring people together, we realised when we tried to warm up at the Unperfekthaus later:

Charlie was jelous and captured the sheep I bought for my colleague

On the way back to the main station about 5 hours later, Neisi and I spontanously decided that we needed to ride a merry-go-round. In the snow. This was the epitope of christmas spirit. I swear! ^^

And of we go!

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