Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More christmas presents II

Last time I showed you the making of raspberry chocolate truffles, now I can show you some white chocolate stuff as well!

I made some Caipirinha truffles which were filled again into empty white chocolate balls:

I have to admit that these balls are really great, everything is round and pretty when you are finished and there is a lot less mess than with my other creations. Might just be me who dirties the whole kitchen while melting chocolate, though! ^^

As you can see my boyfriend helped me make them and he did very good. He must have been a pralinier in his last life! After popping them out of the cases we dunked the truffles in molten white chocolate:

And added some brown sugar on top. Hey, no caipi without the brown sugar! And it made them even prettier...

As we made a lot of them (mine and boyfriend's extended family will be gifted), we stored them in the oven to cool down. What an irony!

For those of you who look at the details; yes the ones in the oven were sprinkled with dried flowers. Those were orange truffles which are also delicious!

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