Saturday, December 18, 2010

More christmas presents I

I wanted to prepare some kind of decorative box for the pralines and truffles I will give away on christmas. Therefore I grabbed some thick paper in decorative colours and searched for an "how to" online. I foolowed this instructions; here is what I needed:

I cut the box pattern explained in the instruction, but made it slightly larger (20x20cm):

Then I glued them together and used paper clips to fix them while drying:

After they dried I inserted some translucent paper to keep the fatty chocolate at bay (nobody wants fatmarks that remind you even more how unhealthy the things you eat are!^^)

Next step was to cut the "fences" to stop the truffels from rolling around. They are not very straight which I really hate, but I tried my best. Hopefully everyone will just look at the food and overlook the small mistakes...

Add a lid and you are done!

Now sit back and relax while looking at your pretty christmas tree!

My mum brought grandma's plastic christmas tree with her when she visited me for my birthday. So boyfriend and I set it up and decorated it with lights and black and silver decoration. His mother never allowed him to decorate the tree for christmas, so my 24 year old boyfriend had a first this year! ^^

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