Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Burda Style 1/2011

New year, new Burda magazine! I was really looking forward to this issue because Burda promised some 50s style patterns. Unfortunately I didn't like one of them! I kind of like the coat patterns, but find them rather uninspired. The only thing that makes it to my top list is the grey 8 pieces skirt on 2nd place. It might be a simple pattern which doesn't make me want to buy the magazine, but I like the style and might have just the right fabric at home... The third place goes to a nice and comfy pullover with a huge wrap around collar. While I like the pattern, I don't need to buy it to sew a rectangle to a basic longsleeve, even if the fabric looks interesting. The winner from this issue is even simpler: A jersey wrap shirt! I like it, it fits different occasions when sewn in different fabrics. Uni jersey for sports and the afternoon of, patterned jersey for work and silke jersey for formal innings.

Burda never does things half wrong. This is what I learned from this years collection. In this issue, a boxy sweatshirt, a formless dress and pampers pants encourage my opinion. Even if one forgets that these boxy eighties shirts were even ugly when they were in during the eighties, a pattern is seriously not necessary to sew them. And even if one intends to make these formless pants that can cover ault diapers, this pattern was in -I guess, I didn't count- 3 or 4 issues this year. Why put it in the first issue next year again?!?
And the dress might work as a cover up for several pounds one gained over christmas. But why not sew something flattering with more style? The fabric looks rather nice and was wasted on this dress...

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