Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday in Berlin

Well, it sounds better than it actually was... I spent the last weekend of november in Berlin, including my birthday. But it was not a fun trip, I needed to be there for a conference for work. I know that last weekend of november was some time ago, but I needed a little break from blogging. And now I'm back! ^^

While in Berlin, it was pretty cold and we had some snow. I love snow! I'm just not allowed to wish for birthday snow any more... Last time I did wish for snow, it snowed 40 cm in a day and shut of several small villages from civilisation, including some people I know who lived there. Therefore, I just hope for snow secretly and don't tell anyone. So imagine my glee when I saw the first flakes coming down! :)

I won't talk much about the conference (NGFN, wasn't very exciting or interesting...), but I spent the evening of my birthday at an irish pub:

It was close to our hostel and food, cider and whiskey were pretty good. Then we went back to the batman & robin room in the hostel we stayed.

On the way back from Berlin, we had some one or two hours before our train left. So we spent them at the Weihnachtsmarkt at Potsdammer Platz. They had a snow slide set up and several pretty huts which sold food and Glühwein.

My coworker and I enjoyed some delicious Glühwein and strolled about. We arrived just in time for our train to leave!


Trisha said...

alles gute nachträglich :D aww, berlin. nächste woche bin ich auch wieder da!! yay heimaturlaub!

MindLess said...

Naja, war halt nicht so der beste Geburtstag ever. Aber Berlin mag ich immer noch sehr! ^^

Zebri said...

Du warst in Berlin und sagst es mir nicht. Püüh! Dabei war ich an dem WE auch da und nicht weg und sogar unterwegs, weil ich teils auch Besuch hatte..

MindLess said...

Oh Mist, du wärst echt ein Lichtblick gewesen! Ich hab da nur gearbeitet und war am Ende eine Stunde auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt. Aber nachts hätten wir uns treffen können... Ich habe nämlich auch keine coolen Parties gefunden - dabei war ich in BERLIN!!!