Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why can't I ever finish something?

At least before I start another project? I hope you remember that I got this beautiful brand non-stretchy fabric from Mademoiselle Chaos at the last Kreativflohmarkt. I was only 60 cm, so I had some troubles choosing a pattern to work with. Finally I decided to try McCall's M5661, but without the facings due to lack of fabric. I will work with bias tape, but in the hidden version. I did view B without the sash.

I still need to do the seams from collar and bottom, but I think I might lower the neck a little. What do you think?

The special thing about this pattern is the button closure in the back. Feels very 50s to me. In accord to the expensive fabric I would like to use real mother of pearl buttons for this. You might remember that I have plentyof those...

Until now, the back is held together with needles. I will show pictures with me inside once the top is finished.

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