Sunday, July 25, 2010

(Last?) Loveparade Duisburg 2010

Yesterday, my BF and I wanted to visit the Loveparade which was held in Duisburg this year. So we combined wathcing a movie (more on that later) with a stay at his parent's place to get there on time. I wasn't finished until short before 2 p.m. when the parade would officially be opened, so we decided to see the opening ceremony on TV and the walk the kilometer to the place (alter Güterbahnhof) with the stages and floats.

On the way to the parade we met a bunch of people walking in all direction because nobody put up signs where to go. We asked why they were walking all over the place and heard that the police already shut down the entrance of the area. We decided to wait a bit in line, but in this 30 minutes of waiting, a distressed police officer was screaming at some passerbys, the anoyed crowd started to pull down fences and the atmosphere was loaded. So when nothing moved after 30 minutes, we decided to leave and head to Ikea. and then back home.

Which was rather a god choice because after we left Ikea to drive home we heard the horrible news about 10 dead and 80 injured people after panik at the entrance of the area which was settled in a tunnel. After I heard that the area was fit for 500,000 people while the last loveparade in Dortmund had 1,5 million visitors, I was already expecting chaos. But that the overwhelmed police and the angry crowd would actually kill someone was not what I expected. Therfore I will show none of the pictures I took, because this techno party died for me.

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