Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop.

I used the last weekend to sort through my sewing notions. I have a whole drawer filled with sewing stuff which was horribly messy. After spending 30 minutes searching for something, I decided it might be a good idea to sort the stuff. So I went and bought two boxes:

And sorted buttons in the first box:

So many pretty buttons! I totally forgot how many mother of pearl buttons I owned. The ones in the middle I love most; the fly buttons I got earlier this year and the metal flowers were given to me by Neisella when she visited me the first time!

The second box contains mainly metal. Hey, gothic sewing, you know?! Buckles and eyelets, D-rings and carabiners. Even some patent fasteners in purple and black can be found.

I'm really happy that I did the sorting, I forgot most of the treasures in my stash. Now they will probably be used more often!

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Barbara said...

Woo-hoooo, I'm proud of you! You did it!
I need to get some more of these boxes to sort the rest of my pearls and other jewelry-making material. Maybe next week, when I don't get overworked anymore. Right now I don't even have the time for a nice dinner...sad. I only get proper food when I visit you...*love*